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Default Re: Castable - How thin can you go?

Originally Posted by wotavidone View Post
Over here I think bricks would have quite a good fire rating.

Rebar would be an earthquake thing. In my lifetime of 52 years, I can only remember one earthquake in Oz that actually damaged houses.

I guess I wasn't clear enough - my mate was the homeowner.
The "tradesmen" were locals he knew socially though.
It was a while ago and I learned a lot from his experience - it's all about knowing what questions to ask. Just ask your plasterboard installer how he's going to cut the holes and he realises you won't settle for bashing a hole with a hammer.
When you ask your brickie or chippy for a quote, ensure you are clear who's doing what.
They tell me that, these days the average Aussie house is bigger than the average American house. Who'd a thunk it?
That is exactly my point--some stupid rules that do not recognize that "yaki mono", things produced by the firing of clay at high temperatures --have a fire rating. Brown sheetrock, paper each side with a modified gypsum has but not brick! CRAZY.

Hardest thing to face is a friend "the homeowner" on the street and to explain someone elses poor work on his house.. The same amount of material can build a truely good house that will last a very long time ---as a crappy one.. The difference is the attitude of the people putting it together!

I don't know house sizes in USA anymore, average sizes vary here by location--all depends on the price of the land. Some places in Tokyo land sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars per m2. Usually it is sold in units of 3.31m2 called a "tsubo". Normal nationwide is $2000 to $5000 per "tsubo". Tough to swallow those prices and still put a house on the land! My house total space is only 1500 sf.

My view of a house is this: build it the size you can afford and feel comfortable in..nothing more or less, and you will be fine!
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