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Jaronimo 04-06-2012 02:17 PM

Wood roof???
My dome is done and i have almost completed the side and back enclosure walls. I am trying to figure out my roof. The outer layer of the roof is going to be copper mettalic colored standing seam metal roofing, so it matches the weber grill on the deck. it should look really nice!

I am planning on framing the roof with metal studs. The dome enclosure will be filled with loose vermiculite for insulation. Over the top of the dome i will have at least 8 inches of the vermiculite, maybe more, not sure yet.

My question is, can i use plywood sheathing over the metal studs as a substrate for the metal roof or should i use a concrete type backer board? With the insulation, will the roof get hot? Or hot enoughh to burn?

I plan on venting the eaves and peak of the roof. I am also putting in a cast iron cleanout door at the peak of the rear wall so i can look inside the enclosure and add more vermiculite later if it settles.

brickie in oz 04-06-2012 02:24 PM

Re: Wood roof???
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Originally Posted by Jaronimo (Post 129716)
Or hot enoughh to burn?

No it wont, if it does your insulation is all wrong.
Ive got a plywood roof with asphalt shingles on it and it doesnt even get warm with blanket and loose vermiculite on top of the oven.

Cheesesteak 04-07-2012 05:08 PM

Re: Wood roof???
What Brickie said . . . you'll be fine.

Jaronimo 04-08-2012 05:37 AM

Re: Wood roof???
I did not use a blanket wrap, i am planning on just using the vermiculite. Should still work fine, right?

Jaronimo 04-08-2012 05:38 AM

Re: Wood roof???
@Cheesesteak, thats a good looking oven!

Mingy 04-08-2012 08:01 AM

Re: Wood roof???
One thing to consider is that you have a fire with a short chimney. There is always the possibility embers will float up the chimney and land on the roof. If it is flammable this could be a problem.

Neil2 04-08-2012 10:58 AM

Re: Wood roof???
Keep some wiener roasting sticks handy for when your roof catches fire.

brickie in oz 04-08-2012 02:45 PM

Re: Wood roof???

Originally Posted by Jaronimo (Post 129760)
I did not use a blanket wrap, i am planning on just using the vermiculite. Should still work fine, right?

The blanket is what what keeps most of the heat in. :)

I can get a probe into the back of my oven through the loose vermiculite, when the oven is at 300c the outer side of the blanket is 60c, its good stuff.

Gulf 04-08-2012 06:26 PM

Re: Wood roof???
I don't see a problem with wood used in the framing for the WFO. Most of us who have fireplaces live in wood framed structures and most have asphalt shingles.That is with all safety measures included. That woud be appropriate insulation and clearances between the "hot stuff" and the "flammable stuff". A proper spark arrestor should be included in a flue or chimney regardless of the type materials used in construction. That piece of paper you used as a starter can travel many yards before it is extinguished. Think about other combustables that are on your's or your neighbors properties. However, since you you have already framed the walls and are planning to use metal studs for the rafters, there are metal lath options for metal framing. I am sure there are some commercial materials for lath but, a stud layed flat with a homemade spacer would work to keep the screw from collapsing the stud. The spacers could be made from Hardie board if you wanted to keep the noncombustable theme going.
All things considerd (if the WFO is constructed properly) the main danger woud be from back draft, or exteme fireloads. I can see a possibility of flames traveling out of the entrance and up to the over hang. If there is a metal/insulation barrier IE: metal covered gypsum or an air space seperating the combustables from heat, there should be no problem. That is if the impingement is short lived which it should be unless for seem reason you keep adding fuel :eek:.
Just Sayin'

Jaronimo 04-09-2012 05:19 AM

Re: Wood roof???
The chimney will be on the taller side, the roofing materials will be metal. At least the outside layer will be metal. Maybe i will look into a fireproof blanket, too bad i need it this week.

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