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Default Re: WFO progress in Kansas

Yeah, well, they all think they can just borrow my saw...ha ha.

I have not ordered my insulation yet - and I want to see about the chimney and my options there. Any advice? Do I have to have the stainless steel thing? Or even the clay thing? Can I "build" it out of firebrick? Does that have to be lined?
But I guess I start looking into that on this here wonderful forum!

Yeah - the door - that's another thing...
And "housing" the whole thing.

Tonight we're having a big pizza bash - oh how I wish it could be done out there!

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Default Re: WFO progress in Kansas

Hey Cecelia! I'm really glad to see your progress! Almost there ay? If you think having to stop just shy of closing the dome is bad, wait till you close the oven and realize you won't be able to cook in it till after you cure it! Thats where real patience will be needed...

As far as chimney ideas, I'm using a 6" stove pipe liner and will be enclosing it in 16X16" brick. I purchased a chimney anchor plate from this place :Sure Temp Chimney Anchor Plate 6 Inch 206400 by Selkirk at HardwareAndTools.com which will let you attach the stove pipe to the top of your entry arch. However I am getting some smoke out the front of the oven despite my tall 7' chimney, so others may have better suggestions for chimneys that would draw better and not blacken the front of your oven.

Thanks for your progress pics, your almost there!

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Default Re: WFO progress in Kansas

Congradulations Cecelia, your dome looks awesome!
Question, with the wind you have, did you position your oven away
from the prevailing wind? We live on a hillside and get a bit of wind
and might cause a problem.

Happy Thanksgiving,
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Default Re: WFO progress in Kansas

Can I "build" it out of firebrick
I built mine out of firebrick,, Other than I made the chimney hole too small (my own fault) there is no reason you cant as long as you have a solid arch underneath it....... i went up one more course of bricks than you see in the pic.. it works fine once heated up,, once again the only problem is the hole is too small and if i had to do it again i would make it at least 8 inches....


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