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Matt916 12-06-2010 09:27 PM

warm dome
I Just finished cooking some pizzas and am getting ready to do a pork shoulder once the temp cools down a bit. Right now the flames are almost out, and i noticed that the side of the dome is warm to the touch on the outside. I have about 4 to 5 inches of insulation all the way around the oven (FB Blanket/vermicrete cladding), so i was getting worried that something may have gone awry with my insulation. It just finished raining here in Sacramento, and try as i might to prevent it, i think my dome may have gotten wet, as i saw steam coming off of it...does this effet my insulation? Any way, does this seem like a problem, or should i just relax lol...

brickie in oz 12-06-2010 10:13 PM

Re: warm dome

Originally Posted by Matt916 (Post 103380)
or should i just relax lol...


texassourdough 12-07-2010 06:21 AM

Re: warm dome
Your oven is wet! And it will be occasionally. It will cause the dome to lose heat a bit faster than normal but...not a biggie.

Matt916 12-07-2010 08:09 AM

Re: warm dome
Yeah, i saw the steam coming off of it...i cant wait to waterproof it so i wont have to worry about covering it with a tarp! right now i decided to go for slow cooking my brined pork shoulder...hopefully in a few hours i will have delicious pulled pork. i have the most unprofessional makeshift door haha. its just a piece of plywood that i cut too short so i have to set it on bricks. it doesnt seal perfectly, but surprisingly there is still a lot of heat inside that gad i built my WFO :)

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