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Default Re: want to build mobile pizza oven

Now you guys are speaking my language. Since I have a construction background devising a two piece wooden mould should not be too difficult.
I was thinking about sectioning the dome into four to six sections that could have an interlocking lip so would actually need two moulds.
Just wondering if a strict dome is necessary or if a kind of kinked (easier mould to construct from plywood) wall to roof design would work. I've seen one by another company that is shaped this way.

And yeah figuring out how to lift a 1,000+lb monolithic pour would be a problem. Guess I could rent a hoist. How thick did you pour your walls?
41/2" like it would be out of brick?
Thanks for the help.
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Default Re: want to build mobile pizza oven

3" walls. Browse for Joey Velderrain mobile pizza build. I scaled a 40" oven so the total outside diameter is 46" which will fit on a 4 ft plywood. Route the grooves for 1/4 plywood. Brace internal and external. Fit a false floor. Build a sand dome. I think a domed ceiling will do a better job of evenly distributing radiant heat. Be sure to install a rabbet to fit a door against. You need to install the false bottom in pieces that you can remove once the dome is set.

I poured the dome on a bed of 4x4's spread apart. Once the dome had cured, I cut out a notch in the plywood on one side and slide a jack under it. Jacked up one side of the dome and shimmed. Went to the other side and did the same. Then I slipped 2 pieces of C channel underneath and attached a chain with bolts. Picked it right up and set it on the trailer. Used the jack method on the trailer to remove the C channel. That part went surprisingly well.

I am considering changing in the vent roof area. I poured a flat section and cast in a metalbestos pipe connection. The smoke is not properly channeling up the chimney. I can see why now, but that is hindsight. I would try to arch the vent landing. That would open it up to get easier access to the dome as well at help guide the smoke of the chimney rather than let it spill out the front.

2" of insblock under firebrick for floor. 3" superwool on the dome. I'm going to cover the superwool with vermiculite concrete to seal in the ceramic fibers. I'm using a weather enclosure over the dome and trailer.

I just got my dome on my trailer last night. Starting with warm up fires each day as I continue my insulation.

David S. is a good resource for castable refractory.

Good luck


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