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Default Re: UK oven build - help with fire cement

Thats my problem - the joints at the front (inside) the dome will be virtually nothing, but in the back, due to the shape would be upto 15mm in places.

If I can find some fire clay powder or similar that would be a bonus, but really looking to get it up by the wekeend to give it a few weeks to cure, then start some fires to cure it all out.
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Default Re: UK oven build - help with fire cement

Hi Sam ,sorry i'm late!

Replied to your PM too.

I used NHL2 Hydraulic Lime with my build due to using old Victorian Clay Bricks, not firebricks.
If you want to carry on with the pre-mix, you could only use a small amount on the internal edge of the bricks, and chock the outer edge to backfill later. But i would only use this as a very last option, and you'd still need fireclay. Don't rush it.

Try Liam at Kilnlinings, they have a website if you want to source Fireclay and go for the Homebrew mix.
You have Vitcas also, any pottery suppliers, Sheffield Insulations (Sheffins) and even Ebay. Lots of ovens have been built this summer, and many will have over ordered their clay.
Some find that the mix a bit rich so pushing it out to is also an option thats been used over in the UK with fine results.

I have seen ovens built with standard bricklaying mortar, like you mentions Sand, OPC, Lime, and they've done fine. But not necessarily with Firebrick. I'd strip back, get some under-oven insulation (100mm Thermolite Blocks are a good, easily sourced option), fireclay and get back in action. You don't want a "shoulda, woulda, coulda" do you!

Where are you based?

Cheers, Danno
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Default Re: UK oven build - help with fire cement

Hello again,

Ok, i've dismantled my dome, and extended the base insulation to 3" deep, and widened it to fill the entire base of the oven and the entrance.

I have now got hold of some fire clay and hydrated lime. I knocked up a small amount and stuck two bricks together - it feels solid enough, and I soaked the bricks which seemed to make them stick better. What does the lime actually do, as it seemed to go off quick enough using a 3:1:1:1 mix.

Tomorrow I anticipate commencing the re-build, and feel a bit more confident with my muck!

Cheers again for the advice.

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