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Default Re: smallest oven

I agree the idea of a community oven is great. My 40 inch oven means I will have extra space and could bake far more bread than we can consume. I've had several of inquiries from neighbors on island who are asking if there would be space in my oven if they dropped by with a loaf or two. Just how many are serious only time will tell. Thanks to the internet it would be easy to post when I planned to fire and so people could have some proper lead time and approximate time of loading the oven.

We have an "island net" where locals post news, stuff for sale and generally gossip. I have two who I expect will be "regulars" one with an extensive bread making and related subjects library (who has given me free access to same) and the second, interestingly, is my next door neighbor with the cob oven.

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Default Re: smallest oven

Hi everyone, thanks for the replys, we are trying to coordinate a gourmet space in the condo. i think its best to wait, and try for a bigger oven !! in the mean while ill continue baking in home oven on a stone, and will try to adapted something on the barbecue (something like a 2stone oven)...

thanks again !!
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Default Re: smallest oven

I completely agree with James. Any oven is better than no oven. Do what you can and make it work.

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Default Re: smallest oven

Mine is 29" and its ok for pizza - enough space for a fire to one side and to do lots of pizza too

Just needs a door now !!

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Default Re: smallest oven

My oven will be approx 30" when it's done. I feel pretty comfortable with that size from my own entertaining experience. I have a Large Big Green Egg. It is a ceramic (kamodo style) cooker that is shaped like an egg and green in color. (Go figure!) Anyway the cooking grate on it is 18" in diameter. I can cook one pizza at a time. (14" round or 14" x 16" rectangle). They take between 8-12 minutes to cook. I've entertained for 15-20 people and made 5 - 6 pizza's one at time with no problems. I figure if I can get 2 pizza's at a time, I'm twice as far ahead. If only one, I'll enjoy the interaction I have while I'm cooking.
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