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Default Re: A Question...

No problem and apology not necessary!

Clarification time:
Originally Posted by Hendo View Post
Ian - I used both reo and mesh as well as galv steel flooring to support it all.
I was trying to convey that the steel flooring was physically supporting the slab, instead of eg timber - not that it was necessarily necessary for strength.

Originally Posted by Hendo View Post
Definitely the way to go in my opinion.
For convenience! Instead of having to purchase a timber sheet, cutting it accurately to size and making props to position it at just the right height, only to discard it all, the pre-cut steel just gets plonked into position and stays there - and adds to the overall strength of the structure. Too easy!

If I was doing it again, I'd use the steel flooring and a lighter weldmesh, and perhaps just one U-shaped re-bar at the open end to tie the block 'legs' together.

If you think this is overkill, have a look at my footings at http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f21/...oven-1786.html (Hendo's Oven).

I guess I've tended to follow Paulages motto "overdo it or don't do it at all!" But that's me - must be something to do with the name!

Cheers, Paul.
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