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DOC Opa 06-14-2009 08:04 AM

Oven entry question.
I'm currently building the 42" Pompeii oven and am ready to lay down the herringbone floor as soon as I make some fire clay from cutting the firebricks in half for the dome. My question is that it is not clear to me where the entry inside the oven starts(vent landing). How far from the center of the 42" oven to the start of the door inside the oven? The top of my dome will be 21". Am I over thinking this and/or not understanding the plans. Which page is this on if so?


Dino_Pizza 06-14-2009 01:54 PM

Re: Oven entry question.
Hi Mark, I've just finished my 42" oven and my door is roughly 23.25" from the center. You are going to have a 20" opening (the door) so that will tell you where your rounding soldier course will stop and where the inner arch bricks (2 of them) will start. If you draw a 42" circle, the 20" straight opening can only be about 18.5" from the center. That will become your inner arch, or door opening. Don't forget a 1" notch or reveal for a door to slide into. Be sure to check out the pics on the link "photos" link. I hope this was more helpful than confusing. Lot's of luck on your oven, you'll have fun building and using it!, Dino

DOC Opa 06-14-2009 03:51 PM

Re: Oven entry question.
Thanks Dino,

More than helpful. I didn't think it was that simple as the intersection of the 42" circle and the width of the opening. Why is your opening 19" when the FB plans state the opening is 20"? Also I noticed two charts. One on page 13 and on page 31. One says the interior height is 21" and one states 20". Not sure if it makes any difference. Just curious which is consider correct .


mfiore 06-14-2009 04:24 PM

Re: Oven entry question.
Greetings from Saginaw, MI. Just up the road from you (OK, about 150 miles north).

You can make the dome height what ever style you like. Some choose a low dome, which is more of a traditional Naples style. This radiates heat onto the pizza better. Also should heat up quicker. The taller dome style (I think the plans call this a Tuscan dome) is a little higher. This can accommodate roasts, etc. I think it comes down to preference. Although I only have one dome in my building experience, I think the Tuscan style is easier to build, as it doesn't have as sharp of a curve for unsupported bricks.

Many of us use a 21 inch dome height for ease. If you build a 42" oven, you can use a jig of some sort (piece of string, a plywood form cut into 1/4 circle, etc) that is the radius of the oven. Centered in the middle of the floor, you can use the jig to keep the dome perfectly round, and each coarse closing in the middle equally. Essentially, a half sphere.
Functionally, I don't think it matters. I wouldn't go higher. If you want to bring each course a little as you go up, and end up a little lower, that would be fine too, but would require more planning.

Good luck!

DOC Opa 06-14-2009 06:59 PM

Re: Oven entry question.
Hey Saginaw,

I just checked out your oven building pictures. I like your solution to the chimney and door. Do you have other post elaborating how you did your chimney? I found on FB's forum this "My indispensable tool" and am going to make one of these for the dome. It holds the brick in place without shims. Tomorrow I cut some bricks in half and buy some fine sand. I'd like to get that floor down. I need to get the refractory cement located as well. I'm not planning tampering the dome bricks. About how much cement do you think I'll need for the dome?


mfiore 06-14-2009 08:13 PM

Re: Oven entry question.
There are a lot of variables in how much mortar you'll need. If you don't taper the bricks, you end up needing more mortar to fill the gaps. I would plan 3-4 bags. I'd also consider mixing your own. Others have done so with good success, although I can't personally vouch for the home brew.

Dino_Pizza 06-14-2009 09:37 PM

Re: Oven entry question.
Mark, you are right, the plans call for a 20" door width and that is what I have (I don't know why I had 19 on the brain), I've corrected my earlier post. Mike is right, you can make a an almost perftect half dome with a 21" hieght, especially with a jig, but with more planning, you bring the top down "tighter" which is what I did, and I have 20+" dome. You're doing a good job reading those plans and checking out others posts and pics. Good planning makes for great finish., Dino

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