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MetalHead 09-08-2009 06:37 PM

Oven Build In Central Alabama
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Thought I'd start my own thread on my build. I have added a few more shots of my project and here is a side bar as to why I use MetalHead as a name

Shop Pictures - I build stuff out of steel .... But for a good pizza you need more than that :D .

I love this forum and have read a bunch of threads already and truly look forward to getting my build documented here.

Thanks in advance for all the help !!!!

So here is my build so far and my not so trusty side kick (hides when it gets hot out).

We will have an over look for the farm. I did the ground work and had the pad,wall and base done by local craftsmen (My contribution to boost the economy). (On that note I let these guys come do stuff for me between other jobs as fill work. It is slow at times, but you can usally get things done cheaper this way).

I am going to start on the pad on top of the base next.

ribsnwings 09-09-2009 11:20 AM

Re: Oven Build In Central Alabama
Hello fellow Alabamain,
lol i am in southeast al. aka Dothan. im in planning process of building oven on trailer to use at festivals and such. its great to have someone lol fairly close to converse with.
i and considering using the geodesic design for oven but am still weighing the pro's and con's of it on trailer.. your build looks great! keep the pics and posts coming... as i will when i get mine all together.(dang i shoulda payed much more attn in math class way back then!)

MetalHead 09-10-2009 05:08 AM

Re: Oven Build In Central Alabama
Well you may be in luck there. I have also been through the throws of the concession trailer business. (PICS Later) but with Shaved Ice and Desserts. What work that is. All people see are the long lines and think that must be easy money. The don't see all the time and money it takes to goto events. And what happens when the weather changes or all the hours you wait for people to decide they ALL want to eat at the same exact time !!!! (hence the "long" lines) My wife looks at me with "Your own your own this time" every time I mention a retail business because of those years.

Have you seen this rig home They got it goin on with that one. Heck you otta get the Primevera rig from FB and stick that on a trailer or in a nice truck like that guy did. You could be in the fall show season in "No" time... Easy money ehh??? Ha Ha

ribsnwings 09-10-2009 06:30 AM

Re: Oven Build In Central Alabama
LOL sounds like you have been thru the ropes also. i have built from ground up 2 concession trailers. both made me money and i sold them because some fool i mean someone wanted them worse than i did.. yea i made money off food sales and better money off selllin the trailers without puttin them up for sale.. i own a small deli and the trailers outweighed sales bigtime even with all the stuff you konw about in the "easy money" lol concession business.. i am thinkin about buying a trailer already made that has forno bravo oven already to go as you spoke of. im thinkin it might be my best bet...

Archena 09-10-2009 05:52 PM

Re: Oven Build In Central Alabama
Dang, we Alabamians really are taking over... :eek:


Originally Posted by MetalHead (Post 64028)
So here is my build so far and my not so trusty side kick (hides when it gets hot out).

I hate to tell you, Batman, but I think Robin has the right idea.

ribsnwings 09-11-2009 07:30 AM

Re: Oven Build In Central Alabama
LOL who woulda thought that!!!!!!!!!!!!

MetalHead 09-17-2009 06:03 PM

Oven Build In Central Alabama
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Ok got a sweet deal today on a tile saw. MK-101 for $363.00 with a blade on it also. Looks like it has only been used a few times or at least it was well kept. Took a few lunch breaks to find it at one of many Pawn shops around town. I know everyone likes the HF saw, but this was a great deal I thought and not TOO much more than the HF saw.

Looks like a July 06 unit. We will see how she does :). I'll be starting on my hearth this weekend!!!

dmun 09-17-2009 07:02 PM

Re: Oven Build In Central Alabama
Good buy! The HF is a cheap Chinese knock-off of this very unit. What a good idea to visit pawn shops, we all know the construction guys are in distress. (not to gloat over someone elses misery)

MetalHead 09-18-2009 03:35 AM

Re: Oven Build In Central Alabama
Yeah it took some looking. There were many that were worn out. Lots of Bridge saws, IMER, Target and MK. I guess all kinds and brands. It just took a few times to find a clean one then work them to get the price down. It was listed at 599.00 (Never pay sticker at a pawn shop). Always knock off about 65%(As an out the door tax and all price) of what is on the sticker then walk away at least once and come back later if they don't want to sell at that price. I like to haggle!!!

I saw someone bought seconds of fire brick for cheap and I am going to call today to see if my brick yards have any.

I filled most of the holes in my block base the other day. I stuffed paper in them and put cement on top. I left 3 holes so I can actually fill in the blocks for support and rebar. My block wall was mortared in. will these three columns (I may add a fourth) with rebar be enough support?

I want to get my hearth pour completed this weekend.

MetalHead 09-18-2009 06:09 PM

Re: Oven Build In Central Alabama
Ok - Picked up $210.00 worth of stuff at Lowe's today for the hearth concrete form and will start "early" in the morning... HA HA ...

And feedback on the blocks not being all filled with concrete? My base has mortared block and I intend to fill 3 or 4 of the holes with rebar and concrete.

I'll read some more tonight!!!

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