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brokencookie 07-29-2010 07:11 PM

Olympia WA 36 inch build

After almost 3 years on the forum I have started my build. Although I should not complain about the delay. The time I have spent reading on the forum has changed my plans about 25 times ( for the better). I would encourage everyone to spend lots of time reading on the forum. The information here is priceless !!
The current ( and best) plan approved by SHMBO is a Parilla (Argentine BBQ), a 7 ft prep counter and a 36 corner install pompei oven. I am a bit of a scrounge so I have been collecting materials for 2 years for this project. I have firebrick, fireclay, CMUs, wall bricks and sections of chimney ready to go (total cost to date is $200). I will be buying concrete and lime as I go.
Yesterday I poured the foundation for the Parilla. Six inches of 5/8 gravel and 6 inches of concrete with rebar.
Today I stacked the CMUs and started the framing for the Parilla slab.
Since I live in earthquake country I decided to use a seperate foundation for the Pompei and Parilla. The counter top between them will have a smaller foundation...just enough to support the granite countertops. I am hoping that if I have any earth movements there will be less damage with individual footings rather than a continous footing.
I'll start posting pictures soon.


mklingles 07-29-2010 07:34 PM

Re: Olympia WA 36 inch build
Welcome to the chaos of the construction zone! Let the fun begin.

Tscarborough 07-29-2010 08:03 PM

Re: Olympia WA 36 inch build
Nice! Scrounging is the way to go, if you have more time than money like you and I.

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