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Default Re: My mason screwed up. Should I start over?

Good comment, Dino!

I have been dying to hear someone say what you did about the OLD ovens. It is obvious that the old ovens of Europe don't have the materials and cements of today and pretty much had to use whatever was available. I knew it had to be true but I didn't have enough experience/knowledge to say it!

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Default Re: My mason screwed up. Should I start over?

Thanks everybody for all the help with this. I spoke this AM with the folks at Heat Stop. Their advise was to wet the bricks so the mortar would not dry, but they know a lot of masons just work with dry bricks. My mason didn't wet them because he didn't want them sliding down, and because his dad always laid bricks dry. He acknowledges a little misting or a quick dunk would have been better given the conditions here last Th and Fri. Today is wet/humid, and we are getting near the top of the dome, so he is moving forward without wetting the bricks.
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Default Re: My mason screwed up. Should I start over?


Glad to hear you are moving forward. Sounds like your mason would know what dad would talk about. Growing up I never remember my dad soaking the bricks but I know he would wet things down with a house and stuff. I will share one more thing as I was building out forms for the dome the other day and my dad said he did so many of them with sand he thinks I am doing all this work when some sand will do the trick...and when you said the slipping made me think if the sand was there on the inside of the dome the bricks would not slip...

Folks I also hope I did not offend anyone as I was not trying to under mine the knowledge and incredible talent in this forum. I was just trying to state that we on this forum some of us experienced and not probably have different ideas of how it was done or should be done. I love this site for one reason the new and innovative ideas that it offers for building something that has been such a dream for me to do. The fact that the site has so much information about the history and the difference of the oven between tuscan and napolitano is so incredible for anyone to understand. The fact that you can get a mason to help build one or do it yourself and speaking from an IT guy like myself(yeah I listend to my dad growing up) this site is so logical to understand.

I am currently doing two projects of which my dad is involved in the pizza oven and a storage shed in the backyard. This weekend was storage shed time and my dad and I were at odds with the way I wanted to do things and the way he sees things his way. The pizza oven is sitting there with one row of block for the stand and I am getting upset that it is not done...I would not trade the time with my dad for anything as well as just learning new things. that I think others have said on this may be in our blood.

My thank you to James and FornoBravo TEAM. And all the members of this forum who have shared so much.

Hope I can add my two cents with my dad who is finding this quiet amusing especially when I show him the pictures and where people are from. To someone who only finished the 8th grade and came to the US this is amazing to watch I woudl think.

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