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Rivernook 05-09-2008 04:57 AM

More progress in Australia
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Our oven story continues:

I debated long and hard about insulation, and decide in this case more is better, and put another 2 inches of Cal sil on top of my verm layer.

To keep it all contained, and bring everything to one level I poured a perimeter of concrete around vermicrete and calsil layer.

Again with much aahm and err I decide on 2 inch refractory tiles for the oven floor. I sprinkled dry fireclay under some tiles to level them up - it came up pretty well, but still some high edges in places. Today I hired a diamond 9 " grinder to smooth the floor out really well, but it was actually too savage for the job, so I may go over it with a belt sander before I start laying bricks.

Thats all our progress to now.

Thanks to everyone in the FB forum for contributions, and a few people who gave some direct advice to help me get to this stage. There really is so much information within the forum you can get confused, so I think you just need to decide what's best for you and go for it! ( That doesn't mean I won't be asking lots more questions!

Look forward to send in more updates,

All the best


nissanneill 05-09-2008 05:08 AM

Re: More progress in Australia
Hi Andrew,
well under way, and a way togo.
You will enjoy building it and also using it.
Keep up the pics so we can follow your progress.
Are yo going for an igloo or framed Pompeii?


Rivernook 05-09-2008 05:20 AM

Re: More progress in Australia
I will be going for an igloo style, 300 mm tiled landing across the front, 100 mm tiled edge along the sides(?), and probably flush at the back. But it is only early days..........

All the best


gjbingham 05-09-2008 10:22 AM

Re: More progress in Australia
Nice work Andrew! I think the tiles will be fine. We'll find out, one way or another once you start cooking. Keep posting those pics! We love 'em!

Rivernook 06-01-2008 04:47 AM

Re: More progress in Australia
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Thanks for the comments!!

After much debate, and also discussion with Neil from Adelaide, I decided to beef up my floor and put a layer of 1 inch splits under the 2 inch tiles(that I had took so much time to level and get just right)! It may take a bit longer to heat up, but I'm lucky to have plentiful supplies of good redgum at my back door.

Anyway the project is back happening again when I get time.

The tapered bricks are good to lay - I think it must be easier than shimming straight bricks.

some pics attached, more to come.

All the best, Andrew

nissanneill 06-01-2008 04:59 AM

Re: More progress in Australia
Lookin' good Andrew,
you will be motivated to get it ready for firing the closer you get. It is surprising how quickly it comes together especially if you put in a full day.
Next get your superwool blanket, pin it down carefully and cover with vermiculite over the chicken wire covering. All the detail and problems are on my site. Don't be afraid to phone if you get stuck. Only too willing to assist.
Keep up the good work and next time I'm past your way, I'll call in for a feed from the oven.


Rivernook 06-01-2008 05:00 AM

Re: More progress in Australia
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I got carried away and forgot to take some photos of building the arch, so there is a bit of a jump from my last posting. The inner arch was good practice for the one that really counts, on the outside.

Almost finished the transition over my inner arch. Basically I just used corner off cuts and made them fit where I could. I looks a bit ugly on the outside - but if you guys don't tell no one will ever know!? Someone on the forum said just keep laying bricks and make the transition happen - good advice.

All the best

Ageo308 06-01-2008 05:53 AM

Re: More progress in Australia
Looking good mate, keep us updated!

sarah h 06-01-2008 08:10 AM

Re: More progress in Australia
Nice work - I like the way your arch came together!


Rivernook 07-04-2008 01:34 PM

Re: More progress in Australia
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An update on my oven.........

When I was working bricks around the transition over the inner arch I knew the dome had gone a bit out of round – but towards closing the dome it becomes really oval and a challenge to get it looking ok. Anyway I ended up using lots of smaller pieces as the dome closed (some angles cut previously), so not a lot of mortar gaps, but some odd looking patterns! Some cutting and grinding got me two keystones which I had to tap into place – this dome definitely won’t collapse!

Last photo shows ready to build the outer arch and flue opening. Still not 100% sure how it will come together……….

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