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dinoforno 08-06-2009 07:57 AM

Materials in RI And Eastern CT - Where I bought

I know I had asked questions about where folks have found good prices for some of the materials.

I thought I would send out where I had bought my materials for my shed and Pizza oven. They had free delivery to Cranston, RI.

United Building Supplies
They are located in Richmond, Westerly and other locations. They had the heat stop II dry mix 50 lb Bag, 8x8x16 cement blocks, and firebrick as well as other masonary and lumber. They have Fireclay and lime, sand, and mortar, rebar. They did not have vermiculite but they new where to get some locally. I am going the fiberboard route at the moment. My father is probably going to say I am nuts as all this new stuff to him is just way to much.

I am in the process of simultaneously building a shed and pizza oven in my back yard.
They were great faxed over my stuff and they delivered it the next day to Cranston. They also helped with some of the materials I was needing from my list.

Hope this helps others who are building in southern New England.

Chef 08-06-2009 08:37 AM

Re: Materials in RI And Eastern CT - Where I bought

Good Luck with your build...its nice to see another Rhode Islander on this forum. We got some of our supplies from Spaulding Brick and Park Ave Cement, but we have a pickup truck and did not need to have supplies delivered to our home. Park Ave Cement had the best prices as I remember.

Today we are having some masonary work done to our front stairs and walkway - the mason took one look at the oven and went nuts. He was amazed that we did not have one crack in the oven....he was not impressed with our brick work!! So I told him not to look! I think he now wants one in his back yard!!

Brick oven envy....gotta love it!

fdn1 08-08-2009 06:24 AM

Re: Materials in RI And Eastern CT - Where I bought
Phil and Dino

I also have built a brick oven in Westerly and one for my son in Newport. There is at least one other brick oven in RI in the East Side area that I am aware of.

Phil I notice form your website that you are a Johnson and Wales trained retired chef now operating a restaurant (Red Dragon) . Do you have any recipies that work well in a brick oven that you would be willing to trade for a few bottles of homemade wine?

Chef 08-08-2009 10:43 AM

Re: Materials in RI And Eastern CT - Where I bought

We got a chuckle from your post...The Red Dragon Cafe is located in our back yard!! When we built the brick oven we named her the red dragon because she is red and breaths fire, and now that we do so much entertaining in the back yard and feeding neighbors over the fence we felt the need to call the back yard a cafe. Its like having a restaurant but we just open when we feel like it!!

We would be happy to share any recipes no need to barter or trade home made wine as we make our own, wine, beer, soda, get the picture!! We have started to post some of our creations on the web site so keep checking there, unless there is something you have a need for right now just let us know and we will send it along!

I think the most creative way Phil has used the oven was we had some guests over and of course; they wanted pizza so me made a few small pizzas in the oven for appetizers. Second course I had made homemade black pepper linguini so while I was inside boiling the water and cooking the pasta he made a pink vodka sauce with asparagus and shrimp IN THE OVEN!! The guests were amazed!! This was a very popular dish at Adesso on the East Side of Providence where he was a chef...also the first restaurant in the state with a wood-fired brick oven. ITs too bad that it closed.


dinoforno 08-11-2009 07:57 AM

Re: Materials in RI And Eastern CT - Where I bought

Just curious what size oven did you build? I had to reduce my slab size by 3 in on each side because of what I wanted to face the wall with. So I am trying to figure out if I still have the room around the exterior for a 42 or 36 oven...


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