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ohthetrees 04-03-2010 12:15 PM

Low heat mass / high insulation 36"
Hello all. Amazingly useful forum. I'm thinking of building a 36" Pompeii.

My goal is to improve heat up time. My main use case would be pizza, with perhaps one batch of bread after. The heat mass necessary to do multiple batches of bread is of no use to me.

What do you think of trying to minimize heat mass, and make up for it a bit with extra insulation?

1)Double FB insulation above and below
2)Slightly lower vault (14")
3)Use 1/3 brick construction, rather than 1/2 bricks
4)Shave deck bricks down to 2/3 thickness.

What do people think of the practicality of these ideas? Any other's I haven't thought of? Do you think these measures are likely to improve heat up times?

Finally, what is the consensus view on how long it takes to bring a standard Pompeii up to pizza temp? I'd really like to make it a weeknight oven.


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