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Default Re: Let the fun begin!

wow they look great...how are the storage heater bricks working out, I have a load now and I'm pretty much ready to start laying the floor. Have they splintered at all, kinda concerned about getting grey grit on the bottom of my pizza. It woud be great to hear from you.


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Default Re: Let the fun begin!

The Bricks have worked out wonderfully for me. Not had any grit or bits at all flake off. The oven has been properly fired about a dozen times so far. The last few times I have got the top of the dome over 540C thats when my IR thermometer maxes out!

Last Sunday I fired the oven for about 2 hours. I let the fire die down to coals. At about 2pm The top of the dome was about 380C and the floor a good 240C. I cooked pizza's then bread, baked some apples for me pudding :-), then roasted some veg and tomatos. I finnished cooking by about 5pm, then left it open. By 8PM the oven was still at 130C, and the floor was still warm to the touch next morning.

One thing I did notice when I was cutting blocks it that some were more brittle than others. Some were really brittle and fell apart when cutting, I tried to discard these when possible.

The storage heater blocks I had varied in colour, the darker (more purple'ish tint) the colour the harder the block was. I kept the hardest ones I could find for the floor and the upper rows of the dome. The softer (more red'ish) ones I used on the lower rows. I figured that if a brick was going to flake it was going to be one of the softer ones, so by keeping these to the sides they would not spoil the food.

Having said that I have seen NO signs of any blocks failing or cracking so far.

Hope that helps, good luck with the build!
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Default Re: Let the fun begin!

pjchick how's it all going?

Am I right in thinking you used the purpley type storage heater bricks for your floor?? I used these and I'm struggling to get them up to temp!
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Default Re: Let the fun begin!

Also I have to say your build is bloody genius!
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Default Re: Let the fun begin!

Hi, been reading you thread because I've came across 60-70 storage bricks and fancied making my own pizza oven, been good to see it has already been trialed. How many bricks did you use in the end? And have you got any pics of it rendered and painted? What kind of insulation did you use in the end?
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