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Default geodesic igloo

Esthetics. We want our oven to have a shiny black mosaic tile look, and mosaicing flat tile on top of a rounded surface is very difficult. Achieving a true round igloo is a near impossibility. A geodesic dome however, is made up of flat surfaces, making tiling easy.
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Default rigidizer

Would the rigidizer be recomended if one went straight from 3 layers of insulfrax to the stucco layer. Does it degrade the insulating properties?
Would you use it on just the outer layer or all 3?

Thanks, Chris
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Gotcha. Good Luck.


From what I understand the rigidizer degrades the performance when the temps exceed 2000 deg, so you would probably want to put it on the outside layer, if you were going to use it. There is also another coating called ITC-100HT. It actually increases the performance of the blanket and reflects heat. You can find info here; http://www.budgetcastingsupply.com/ITC.html
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Default Coatings

Thanks for both sites and the info. Sounds like the rigidizer would do well. 2000f shouldn't be a problem, especially if you put it on the outer layer. Thanks again.
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Default sorta rigidizer

I used the rigidiser on my Kaowool and it is not really that stiff. It is stiffer, but it is certainly not a shell like I was hoping for. That being said, it will work fine for what I am doing, so I am not unhappy. As for the 2000 , most pizza will burn pretty fast at those temps. ;-)
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