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John K 09-16-2009 07:56 AM

John's 42inch Aussie WFO
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Hi all

I'm from Sydney Australia and came across this Web site about a year ago. Since then I have been trawling through endless posts and have finally taken the plunge and begun work on my 42inch WFO!!

I have never laid a brick in my life so am looking forward to the challenge

Not only am I to build the oven but also an attached barbecue/Spit (charcoal)

Below ground preperation with approx dimensions of 5000x4000x80

John K 09-16-2009 08:21 AM

Re: John's 42inch Aussie WFO
As I have not laid bricks before so cheated and brought in my bricklayer to build the skeletal structure of the barbecue and WFO base

In relation to the suspended WFO slab I utilised a half brick approach on the final brick coarse that will hide any concrete from view. Internally I have utilised 2 steel lintels for support (over engineered as per everything else I do!!). Steel sheeting has been laid down and expansion foam installed to allow for concrete movement

Photo's to come shortly!!

DrakeRemoray 09-16-2009 01:49 PM

Re: John's 42inch Aussie WFO
Hey John,

It sounds like you are getting ready to start on the dome. Make sure you insulate under the dome (and above the hearth slab). You mention a suspended hearth slab, we mostly don't do that, but each build is different. Did you download the plans from the forno bravo store (they are free!).


Breven 09-16-2009 02:00 PM

Re: John's 42inch Aussie WFO
Good luck John!
Take Drakes advice and download the free Forno Bravo plans...having step by step instructions makes all the difference in the world.

John K 09-16-2009 08:19 PM

Re: John's 42inch Aussie WFO
Thanks guys I am realy looking forward in getting stuck in.

Yes I downloaded the plans sometime ago and found them very handy along with everyones posts, builds CAD Drawings and so on and was one of the selling points to my wife!!.

I think suspended slab was a bad use of terminology from my part so appologies, I do have brickwork all the way around so it will be standard construction method. I laid the hearth slab some weeks ago and am in the process of laying the Insulation Bricks.

Insulation bricks you say ? I decided after long discusions with the Firebrick supplier (Only one in Sydney I could locate) Field Furnace Refractories that I will achieve better insulative properties using the Insulation Bricks rather than Vermiculite so decided to go down that path.
Insulation brick (I.F.B) 230x115x75mm.

Drake/Breven your WFO's look fantastic and if I can get mine looking half as good I will have succeded!!


John K 09-17-2009 04:24 AM

Re: John's 42inch Aussie WFO
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I have attached some of my earlier photos during the stand and hearth construction. I originally was to build a smaller oven and therefore built the stand to suite.

My wife then decided this was going to be too small so I was forced to part demolish the stand and extend.

John K 09-17-2009 05:30 AM

Re: John's 42inch Aussie WFO
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Performed a dry run of the insulation bricks last saturday. They appear to sit nice and level.

The fire brick supplier recomended that I set the insulation bricks that sit under the wall of the WFO and allow the rest to just sit in place. This will assist if I ever need to change any that sit under the cooking floor.

mr g 09-17-2009 06:25 PM

Re: John's 42inch Aussie WFO
Hi John, why are you using insulating firebricks on the floor? Are you going to then use normal firebricks on top of that?


John K 09-17-2009 08:06 PM

Re: John's 42inch Aussie WFO
Hi, that's correct I will lay the firebricks (cooking surface) in a Herringbone pattern on top of the Insulation Bricks.

Do you see a problem with using the Insulation bricks rather than vermiculite base?

mr g 09-17-2009 08:16 PM

Re: John's 42inch Aussie WFO
No, they'll work better but be more expensive. Hey, if you've got the money go for it.

Does the kit that you referred to come with pre-cast dome pieces or firebricks. I went to their site and they point to another site that shows pre-cast pieces.


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