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tdibratt 01-02-2010 10:41 AM

Indoor Kitchen and WFO
Hi, I am toying with building an oven inside my basement kitchen. I was thinking that I doubt very much building inspectors have any specific code for WFO and likley wood buring fireplace codes would prevail. Well here in Ontario a wood buring fireplace requires a fresh air duct and vent leading to the fireplace opening. Anyone have any experience with building a WFO inside and whether or not we can get away without the fresh air vent? I suppose if it is mandatory I would run it up to the WFO vent landing area just before the door seal under the chmney. Thoughts?


splatgirl 01-02-2010 01:30 PM

Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO
This guy is building an indoor oven, or I guess technically the oven is outside and the landing is inside. IIRC, there is a bit in the thread about how he addressed the fresh air intake:

I agree that code requirements for fireplaces would prevail but it never hurts to call your inspections office and talk to someone. I don't think ventilation and air supply is is something you should guess about, as it seems like at the very least it would be a real drag to spend the time building a WFO indoors only to have it smoke up your whole house every time you use it because it doesn't have adequate draw not to mention the safety issues.

Keep us posted on your plans and build. I built my outdoor WFO this summer and love it so much that I'm planning to do either another one or a cooking fireplace indoors next...

tschaefges 01-03-2010 08:45 AM

Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO
We have an indoor oven (Wood-Burning Oven - a set on Flickr) and you definitely need a fresh air source, especially when starting the fire. When it's really cold outside there isn't enough draft to pull all the initial smoke up the chimney and you can get some in the room. Once the fire gets started, though, it's fine. Our oven is on the main floor, so I just crack open a nearby window, but if it were in the basement a supply duct will be necessary.

dmun 01-03-2010 11:24 AM

Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO
A hint from the site is to put your fresh air vent behind the refrigerator. The heat coming from the fridge will pre-warm the intake air, and there won't be any light leaks. They make specific vent blocks for this purpose, and some of them have dampers that close when you're not firing.

I'd worry about putting the vent right at the oven opening. You don't want drafts blowing ash on top of your pizza. If you do put it there, be sure to use metal vent pipe so a falling cinder won't melt through PVC.

tdibratt 01-03-2010 12:11 PM

Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO
tschaefges, where is your frsh air vent located? Did not see it in the pics.

Nice oven by the way!

tschaefges 01-04-2010 01:28 PM

Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO
I just crack open a patio door that's just to the left of the oven. Since we're on the main floor we didn't bother with a separate supply duct.

david s 01-04-2010 01:46 PM

Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO
We have reached the point where the heat and humidity is so oppressive that we shut the house up tight and run the aircon. Leaving a door open is a no no. The only way I can work comfortably is get an hour or two in before breakfast and the same before sundown.

tdibratt 01-05-2010 04:20 AM

Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO
I spoke to my insurance company yesterday and they reccomended that I get the plans/design approved by a WETT (Wood Energy Technical Training) certified professional and of course the building permits and inspections. So I am in the process of finding someone who is WETT certified to see if I can get some assistance here. I spoke to the building permits dept and they told me to submit the plans and they will review and get back to me. I told them what I was building and the person I was speaking to was not concerned about this being built ground up and not part of some UL approved kit (or at least I did not think so).

Not sure they will accept a window being opened. I can try that and see what feedback I get. There is a window right next to where I plan to build it.

dmun 01-05-2010 05:31 AM

Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO

they reccomended that I get the plans/design approved by a WETT (Wood Energy Technical Training) certified professional
This seems to be a Canadian professional association of chimney sweeps. Since wood fired ovens don't accumulate creosote in any appreciable quantities, this seems to be an odd request.

splatgirl 01-05-2010 08:52 AM

Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO
But SO typical of local building inspections! They don't know the answer so giving you some BS and sending you on a wild goose chase is how they deal.

I can tell you that U.S. code, or at least in MN, requires an air supply as part of the fireplace, so I agree that it's unlikely they're going to accept just opening a window. Sounds like you're on the right track at least. I'd maybe try talking to a fireplace builder or contractor or someone in the business of fireplaces (did I say this already?).

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