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Default Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO

The purpose of a smoke shelf is to prevent downdrafting, and improve the draw by forming a "roll" of smoke in the smoke chamber.
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Default Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO

Picasa Web Albums - Keith - FarmOven has few pics
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Default Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO

That is extremely nice work, and very inspiring. What is the fire door made from? Does it run in some kind of formal track on the sides or is that just a channel in the brickwork?

The pulley system you worked in is great. Are those steel components affected at all by the heat? I'm leaning heavily towards a cooking fireplace vs. another WFO indoors and I'd like to incorporate something similar to allow for an Argentinian-style grill.
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Default Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO

The firedoor and the oven door (with the 2 handles) are both made from a product by Carpenterstone. The version we used is called Xtreme Lightweight and is sold by SureCrete. This stuff is, as the name implies, lighter than regular concrete and is supposedly fireproof. We build a form and just pour concrete.
We have had no problems with the heat.
The firedoor disappears with the help of a hidden pulley system. There is no significant heat up where the metal pulleys are. The top "mantel" is actually concrete and is removable to access the pulleys.

The face of the oven is all concrete, formed and poured in place. I just wanted to try it! Lined the forms with either wallpaper or plastic visqueen to give it the "look"
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Default Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO

Wow that is really an impressive build!
My Oven Thread:

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Default Re: Indoor Kitchen and WFO

Originally Posted by tdibratt View Post
Thanks DMUN. Interestingly enough I had contacted John Gulland (author of that WOODHEAT.ORG). He got back to me and advised against putting an oven in the house. My situation of running the oven in my basement kitchen would have 2 x 90 degree elbows (top of oven back to wall to exterior chimney and then up) and he suggests with the amount of smoke oven's create on start up, that it would likely fail. He suggested a power exhaust fan on the chimney might make it work (additional $1500). The Chimney and exhaust fan will likely be around $6,000 alone (I arrived at this figure using the online Sentinal Chimney configurator and added the $1500). He speaks form experience as he too has an outdoor oven but would not consider one indoors. He also suggested that a WETT certified professional would not be able to pass judgement on the design because an oven is beyond that of a fireplace and chimney and there are no relevant code provisions and suggested I contact the building dept and get more guidance before proceeding.

All in all, his advice is very useful. I expected to have some hurdles to get over on this one since ovens are not typical and people may not know how to deal with them (i.e Building Dept). I did contact several WETT certified professionals and not one got back to me. Not sure if they are too busy or just do not want to get involved because of what I am trying to do.

At this point the whole idea is somewhat of a turn off for me. Given the cost of the chimney alone and hurdles I need to rethink this and see whether or not I want to pursue. It was a challenging project for me which I was looking forward to.

I will keep any additional feedback or progress (if any) posted on this site. Many thanks to DMUN and others for feedback and comments.


I am new to this forum and stumbled upon this entry from almost 4years ago. I am considering a basement kitchen WBO from Forno Bravo. I have an identical problem. In order to vent the oven, I would need two 90 degree bends as described above, then a straight run of approx 25-30 ft. The above response is not very encouraging, to say the least. Any opinions?
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