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Default Re: How level is level?

I have seen a few examples where a small mistake in the beginning can amplify as you go along into a much bigger problem.
(such as windows not fitting...doors not closing etc)

The best part about this is - you know about it!

It would be terrible to build a beautiful oven.... and then a nice square oven door.... that won't close because the opening isn't square!!!

If you're anything like me... just knowing it's not level will really p*** you off!!

But you can easily bring it back in either the bricks in the stand, or the hearth slab.

Like others have said - the next oven I build will included a run-out in the wood storage.. the bottom row of my wood gets a little wet when it rains...
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Default Re: How level is level?

Hey guys, this is my very first post and I have been soaking in as much information as possible over the last couple months. I have very minimal construction experience, but I got laid off from my job and to keep busy, this oven is becoming my life until I find another job. I am looking for advice.

I just poured my foundation and mine is very slightly sloping as well. It looks like you guys said it is ok if the stand blocks aren't perfect as long as you ensure that the hearth slab is level - is that right? If not, is there a minimum or maximum thickness of mortar I should use to bond the bottom of the stand blocks to the slab? If I can get away with not having the stand blocks perfectly level, then I will start stacking today and move on to the hearth very soon.

Also, I have Sakrete concrete mix in my garage from a prior project. Will this work for what I'm talking about or I am supposed to be using something else? Thank you.
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