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Default Re: half bricks for dome too much ?

30 inch is pretty tight, what interior dome height are you considering? You might have to have a pretty agressive curve to the dome. Is there some reason you are planning an oven at 30 inches because although you can cook less in a larger oven you can't cook more in a small oven. Heat up time would not be very different if you went with a larger say 36" diameter oven.
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Default Re: half bricks for dome too much ?

Necessity! It's all the room I have, and I'm going to have to work to make sure I can get a full 30". (or potentially go to a barrel vault) I'm not too concerned about a lot of food, only because I have a multitude of cooking vessels to use if this one gets filled! I plan on firing it for pizza's, one at a time, for get togethers, and family cooking. If I'm being honest with myself, once a week is going to be a lot of use, it's probably going to be more like twice a month. Anyway, to your question. I think my calc's came to a 17" interior dome height, with an 11" arch height at the opening.

You can see my progress on the thread I started http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f6/f...html#post34203

(I started with a 36" square foundation. With some innovation, I increased the size to approx 48" x 52" with lintels & block. I want to pour my hearth inside the bricks for clean look, and I will lose approximately 12" of depth due to the fireplace chimney at the rear and cantilever the hearth approximately 8" in front for an approximate useable depth of about 48" useable. I figure I'll lose 4" a side for brick and another 2" for insulation, and then the thickness of the firebrick for the dome - 1/2 brick 4.5", 1/3 brick 3". 48-12-4.5 = 31.5" give or take. 1/3 bricks will give me 48-12-3 = 33")

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Default Re: half bricks for dome too much ?

Well I am here getting ready to build because my existing oven is too small, so take that into consideration when you are getting to build yours at 30", that is what my oven currently is.
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