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Default Re: Hair line crack ?

Cracks happen...As has been said, I wouldn't worry. I've done thirty-plus big fires now. No change in the last 27. Cook some pizza. What interesting about mine however is that when hot it is much much smaller and almost disappears on the top.

Here is a cold pic

Here is a hot pic. I think it really did create its own expension joint.

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Default Re: Hair line crack ?


Your oven crack went right through the bricks, just like mine. Interesting that mine seems to widen as the dome heats up and shrinks as it cools . The laws of thermodynamics must be poorly enforced here...
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Default Re: Hair line crack ?

Hairline cracks occur in wood fired ovens from time to time, but these hairline cracks never become large enough to become a problem. Cracks simply happen with brick ovens on occasion because of the expansion and contraction of the dome and the individual bricks. It's essentially part of nature.

What is important is that these hairline cracks do not impact how well the oven cooks or how long the oven will last.

The homeowner can continue using the oven.As with all traditional ovens (brick), including the Artigiano, that undergo thermal expansion during operation, there is the chance that small cracks can form in the dome.

This phenomenon is normal in every way, and you do not have to worry, because these small cracks do not alter or limit the characteristics of the oven, and you can happily continue to use the oven as you would otherwise.

Enjoy your oven!
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Default Re: Hair line crack ?

Hi Dave,

Generally this type of hairline crack is something that can happen on occasion with brick ovens due to the expansion and contraction that results from thermal cycling. But it will not cause you any problems, either with how well your oven cooks or on its long-term durability. You can continue using your oven and not worry about this.

Enjoy your pizza party!!

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Default Re: Hair line crack ?

Thanks all for the replies .I seem to have already forgotten about it. My concern now is to think of all the different goodies that i can make in this oven ...=)
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