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Default Re: getting ready to frame...wood or metal??

I'm guessing you are referring to a slate roof tile. Check out the attached link. Here in FL we have a lot of tile roofs. Due to hurricane "high wind" codes many counties require both a mechanical fastener (nail or screw) and a poly foam adhesive (similar to the Great Stuff foam you find in your local Lowes or home Depot). Since you live in PA, I doubt extreme wind protection is necessary. Not having a wood substrate to screw into is a problem if you are looking to nail it or screw it, but simply using the foam will give you more holding power than you can imagine.
Try your local roofing supply house (not sure who would carry in your area - you may have to try and order from someone online).

Polyfoam Products Polyset

Hope this helps

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Default Re: getting ready to frame...wood or metal??

interesting idea....may even be faster to install. The slate tiles we have were off of an old outbuilding and were free, so we'd really like to make it work!
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Default Re: getting ready to frame...wood or metal??

Build the roof with metal studs, cover with hardibacker. Then use the metal track or metal furring strips (if you can find them) and screw the slate roof tiles to them. should be easy. I think if you used wood furring strips, that might be OK. Try to use metal, as you do not use metal to start your fire?
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Default Re: getting ready to frame...wood or metal??

I agree with the consensus here. Metal is safer! I became aware of the power of an oven that gets to 1,000 degrees F after one of my first full heats. I had made a door out of two layers of 3/4" particle board. After my first attempt at bread (burned to a cinder) I put the door in place thinking it would be interesting to check the temperature the next day to see what kind of heat retention there was.

The next day I walked past the oven while doing yard work and thought "hey! What happened to my door?" On closer inspection I found a very small pile of ash with a metal handle in it. The door had completely combusted! Thus, my resolve to have nothing flammable on or near the oven.

The siding and roof of my oven is made of cement board. I have covered the roof with aluminized flashing and I am attaching terra cotta tiles by screwing right through the flashing and the cement board. I may use some cement to "glue" the tile in place. I live in a an area where roof tiles are not readily available so I am making my own tiles.

So, no tar paper, no asphalt shingles, no lathe. Keep it solid!

Your oven is beautiful! Here are the latest pictures of the construction of mine>

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Default Re: getting ready to frame...wood or metal??

I used metal studs and then screwed the metal pieces used to tie the metal studs together perpendicular to the studs. I placed those strategically under the metal roof I then screwed to the metal ties. See my build at:

Worked great.

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