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Default Re: Floor question

Part of my thinking which led me to fill the cracks with dry fireclay, were Paulages comments some time ago: “i think what i'll end up doing, is fireclay slip pan between the wall and floor, and under the wall and hearth” and “i saved all of the sludge from cutting the bricks (maybe 1/2-3/4 gal. worth), and plan to try using this as a paste to fill any gaps.” You’d need to go back to the posts to establish the context of these comments.

In the end, I decided on fireclay for the gaps on the cooking floor, and a 50/50 mix of fireclay and dried, sifted “sludge” from the cut bricks for the gap between the dome and floor (without making a paste – just applying it dry). I think whatever I did, I’ll still end up eating either fireclay or ash – probably the latter after a few bakes!

My refractory mortar came pre-mixed (wet), so I couldn’t easily fill the floor gaps, unlike a dry mix could do, but this sounds like a good idea.

I’m still wondering if I should have added some fine sand to the gap between the floor and dome, but I still ask myself – why? Time will tell I guess, but I ain’t vacuuming it out now!

Cheers, Paul.
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Default Re: Floor question

Um, sand would be an improvement how? Does it taste better or something?

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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Default Re: Floor question

Your wit is much appreciated - brings me back down to earth again! I considered sand though due to the number of posts which recommend a 50/50 mix of fireclay and sand to bed the floor bricks down. I used just dry fireclay as it 'flowed' better when I plonked each brick down. With sand in the mix I found it more difficult to level each brick. P.
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