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Default Re: Firebrick Primer

James, do you think this soapstone brick would make a good cooking surface? i have FB Board down and want to use this firebrick if it would work well for bread and pizzas

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Default Re: Firebrick Primer

New to the forum, I was wandering about fire clay. I'm getting ready to put down my first brick, and it says to use fire clay, sand and water on the bottom. Is there something else you can use? Having a hard time finding fire clay.
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Default Re: Firebrick Primer

Fire clay is often labeled Mortar Clay. It is available at Home Depot in the Sacramento area. Don't know if you have Home Depot in Idaho. Is there anything there?
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Default Re: Firebrick Primer

i couldn't find it either so my wife and i took a hammer to the firebricks and made our own. very very tedious work but it did give us a layer to lay the bricks into and level it.
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Default Re: Firebrick Primer

Crushed brick is a fired product not the same as fireclay. If you can't source fireclay ask for either brickies sand which has a clay content or brickies clay which you can add. The clay makes the mortar a bit more sticky and workable which is what you need.
Regards dave
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Default Re: Firebrick Primer

James, I need to talk to you. I can't seem to get anything done by talking to the people who are processing orders. It's been two weeks, and still no straight answers. I'm in a bind, please help.

I left more than ample time to receive the order from your company, but they have bumbled it with what easily qualifies as the most incomprehensibly pathetic excuse for customer service.

Two weeks to process an order for some mortar and insulation? One week just to decide that maybe it needs some attention. Whatever you do, don't tell me that it is shipped when it hasn't. Amber has told us on numerous occasions that it had shipped without being able to provide tracking numbers. When Maria finally provided tracking, it was for 8 parcels that were supposed to have been delivered yesterday to a FedEx facility that never received them. There is no way that I can understand the number of screw ups, lack of responsibility, and inability to just tell me the truth! I could have sourced goods from elsewhere if I had been told on any of the occasions prior to now you were unable to fulfill the order.

Seriously bad form.

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Default Re: Firebrick Primer

I am about to place an order for bricks and 32% alumina is available. I thought I would use my mitre saw with a brick cutting blade. Do I need to buy a wet saw? And the brick supplier says I should use "Flue Set" rather than a mixture using fire clay. And comment on flue set?
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Default Re: Firebrick Question

Originally Posted by JoeT62 View Post
I just located a local supplier for firebrick. He said he has both the yellow and red as "low duty." My question is: is the low duty ALWAYS the yellow color, or could he be right?

I would love to go with red if possible.
I prefer the look of red, too. But I went with the lighter brick because it reflects more light inside the oven. Besides you, who else sees them, really?
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