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Default Re: Finding oven materials


If you've got any verticals on your dome, consider Type N, not Type S. It's better at shedding water and sticks better to vertical surfaces.

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Default Re: Finding oven materials

Thanks Jim, will do. I'll save the type S for another use. Sealing out water will be the most important task when I get to finishing. Its not uncommon during the summer rains/storms to get several (2-4) inches of wind driven rain....almost daily from early July into Sept.

I'm actually considering having some make a weatherproof wrap or cover for the dome and entry, something that wouldn't be too difficult to install and remove, similar to the readily available grill covers. Just a thought..........
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Default Pre-packed Pompeii Kit

I'm torn as to whether it's worth it for FB to go the route of offering a one stop pallet service. I suspect you're better off sticking with offering the piecemeal installation accessories in the store as at present.

First, in most parts of the country, firebrick is available if you search around a bit. Masonry contractors will know where to source it. I just asked a bud who's an LA contractor -- he said call Castaic. They routed me to a Hawaii distributor who turns out we'd used in the past for tile. They had a sample on my desk in 3 days and a fixed quote by email at the same time. $725 for 250 bricks FOB Lihue. Their pricing is dead fair given the cost of freight out here for heavy stuff. I shipped in 7 pallets of driveway pavers last year so I know the numbers (from the guys who can't organize a bid to move their seconds -- not too surprising as it's a lousy $200 order and they usually deal with distributors rather than consumers. by the time I get trucking from San Rafalel to Oakland then pallet freight out here I doubt I beat the $725 by enough to go through the hassle.)

Further, anyone savvy enough to Google should be able to find brick. The problem RT and I face isn't sourcing bricks, it's sourcing them at $1/each. If a Pompeii only uses say 250 bricks at the outside, it's hard to imagine a freight bill that doesn't kill the real objective. And even 250 bricks at 8 lbs each gives you an even ton + pallet. Too much for easy pick up (I have a pretend truck -- great for hauling trash but not rated for a ton of material). If you have to have curb delivery with a fork lift.....get the checkbook out. I suspect most Pompeii builders are trying to do what Dmun and Paulages did -- find bits and bobs here and there to get the $2-3K oven for <$500 + own labor +stand,etc.

FB already has a good list of the other items -- insulation, mortar, stove pipe etc. I'm sure you guys could pallet those things up, but given the price of UPS ground on the mainland, hard to see much of a savings vs. just sending the pieces individually. Might be nice for me, but better might be an alternative to use USPS 3rd class. it's slow but cheap -- that's what Harbor freight does to send heavy tools out here. I can plan 6 weeks ahead.

Second, looking at the Pompeii forum, most seem to want to vary the theme. For me, shipping in 3 boxes of the Insulfrax or the other lung safe alternatives others offer, probably makes more sense than messing around with perlite/sub. UPS ground freight on the blankets from the Portland Amazon guy looks dead cheap (I used his calculator to see how much I could deliver it to my Oakland freight forwarder). I also need stove pipe with SS for both the inner and outer layers like the Duratech FB offers. Others might prefer to save a few bucks and get SS inner/Galvanized outer. There are several internet suppliers of stove pipe etc already. Doubt it's worth competing but I've been wrong before. So again, how many people will want a standard package of supplies?

There's the naysayer's view. I hope you can prove me wrong!
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Default Re: Finding oven materials

Maybe it would be worthwhile to post a sticky thread of good suppliers people have used, by region.
It would speed up the sourcing issues.
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Default Re: Finding oven materials

That makes a lot of sense. We have pieces of the puzzle in different postings, but a single "where to find it" is a good idea. I can also use the opportunity to clean up some of the sticky postings and consolidate them.

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