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Default Re: Dome

Ryan, I had a conversation w/ Les of Carson City, whom is doing the same use of shims. After the conversation, I will also use shims to temporaraly set angle to the bricks. Thanks for your feedback.
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Default Re: Dome

Angle cutting the soldier (1st course) is a good idea to get your angle started (thats what i did), but will not eliminate the gaps on the outside edges between courses.....only reduce them.
One thing to keep in mind - Do not cut too severe an angle on that soldier course, there are outward thrust issues that come into play that could cause your oven to collapse or require an outside buttrice to hold it in place.
I'm not an engineer or expert in the field, so I don't have specific calculations to offer. I simply cut them at an angle that didn't look to severe, and allowed 1/8" - 1/4" gaps on all courses. Really helps to play around on a sheet of plywood or your garage floor doing mockups until you get all the dimensions the way you want them. OR if your into the brain strain thing or have a good CAD program...work out all the angles/dimensions and such on paper/computer. I prefered basic math/geometry and a little experimenting with my wet saw. Result - a stable oven (to this point - 5 months) with no mortar joints in excess of 1/4" on the outside bwtween courses; side to side - none over 1/8" (I cut each brick to fit).

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Default Re: Dome

RT - excellent post. I am building my entire entry way before the dome. You gave me the idea and I thank you!!! Makes a lot of sense due to the "bleeding" we have seen. I will post the pics, pass or fail. I'm not going with a soldier coarse, just halves from beginning to end. I wanted the "perfect dome". I will use 1/4 inch shims for the first coarse, to be followed by 1/2 inch shims for the rest of the dome. What I am finding is that it doesn't matter how good your plan is, how accurate you can cut a brick, the tolerances WILL bite you in the ass. (just found that out tonight) At some point, you need to accommodate the error. I was hoping that I could push it all to the entry way where nobody would see it. I now think that "divide and conquer" is a better approach. Your statement of "cut each brick to fit" is absolutely right on.

Check out my pictures here:

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Default Re: Dome

RT, I agree with patience throughout. I will be cutting each brick to the need, and shims to the need. When my time comes for building, and I get to the dome, I was considering going with a ply shaped for the dome radius. I believe that it will help with free flow building of the dome, and use of the shims. Thanks for the imput on cutting angle to the solder. Have you attempted breads yet, or just pizzas? Were you aware of the air races here this past week? 3 unfortunate casualties, lost to a great sport, dedicated racers.
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