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Default Re: definitive guide to concrete countertop?

I forgot to mention..mix the concrete dry and plan on working up a sweat to trowel the slurry to the surface.
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Default Re: definitive guide to concrete countertop?

Originally Posted by CoyoteVB View Post
I built my entire outdoor kitchen with concrete countertops. Here is my input. Mix concrete with polyester or stainless fibers. Pour the concrete into your forms. Vibrate to remove air bubbles an to get the slurry give you that shiny look on the edges of your forms. Pull forms, cover with plastic an slow cure with water. At least a week, the longer the better to gain strength and minimize cracks. If you have pits, fill with a mixture of fine sand and cement. If you want a granite look polish with diamond pads. Start with 60g grit and go down to 800 grit. seal with a poly urethane sealer.

Thanks Coyote, I'll be doing a variation of that because I'll be casting in place. Do you not bother with steel mesh? just fibres?
When you say 'slow cure with water' In my climate that just means let it dry naturally, particularly as I'll be doing it late autumn/early winter.
Also, when going from 60~800grit, what are the increments? I'm not sure what pads to buy?


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Default Re: definitive guide to concrete countertop?

Hi Rich-

i also cast in place because of the size. I uses 2:My bad. I did you metal lath as well. On the first counter top I did not anchor the mesh and it floated to the surface. On the main counter top I pours the 1/2 the concrete and then placed the lathe. I used stucco nails to keep it from floating to the surface. You can buy diamond pads on Amazon.com such as STADEA Premium Grade Wet 4" Diamond Polishing Pads Set + Rubber Backer For GRANITE MARBLE STONE - Amazon.com This is just one seller. I just started used the pads in the kit. I polished all the way to 3,000 grit and then realized the sealer recommended only going to 800 grit. So, I re-sanded back to 800 grit. When buying diamond pads there are both dry and wet options. There are also a variety of dyes. I chose a charcoal that I added to the concrete as I mixed it. When polished, the cement was black but the sand and stones were polished.

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