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asudavew 08-28-2007 06:19 AM

Dave's West Texas 42" WFO
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Here are some pictures of the used blocks I acquired.
I had to knock some mortar off, but none the less, they worked fine.

Then several pics of my son and I putting it all together and filling the cells.

We have LIFTOFF!:D

I also got some "new tiles" that were left over from a Pizza Hut remodel my father and I did over 10 years ago. They were supposed to be used for the floor, but we had purchased a few too many boxes. Somehow I will incorporate them into my design. (I just realized these were intended to be used in a "Pizzeria," so they finally will get their day! Although I am sure it won't be hard to make better pizza than the hut);)

These first pics are the used blocks in my Excursion.

asudavew 08-28-2007 06:21 AM

Re: Dave's Pics of Progress
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Knocking off old mortar.

asudavew 08-28-2007 06:23 AM

Re: Dave's Pics of Progress
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My temporary stack.

asudavew 08-28-2007 06:28 AM

Re: Dave's Pics of Progress
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This is a shot of me and my tape measure.

Love those Stanley tapes with the wide blade and curved housing.

There is also two closeups of the different tiles I have.

I have 176 of the plain ones and 58-59 or so of the one with the treads.

BTW It was hot here in West Texas and humid. Somewhere near 100 F.
And sitting at a desk for the last year hasn't helped. I'm not used to it anymore!

asudavew 08-28-2007 06:31 AM

Re: Dave's Pics of Progress
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A busted knuckle.

Concrete dust.

And the best helper a dad could ever hope for, my 16 year old son!

asudavew 08-28-2007 06:33 AM

Re: Dave's Pics of Progress
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Just a few more of filling cells.

I will post a picture of the completed stand tomorrow.

I thought I had a good shot of it, but I don't.

The angle iron that can be seen, isn't really angle iron.
I had and old garage door opener that the previous owner left at my house.
It had an 8 foot section of a T-shaped piece of 3/16ths iron.
So I cut it up. I think the T shape will be stronger than angle iron.
And it saved me a trip to the dump, and it saved me some dough!

maver 08-28-2007 06:22 PM

Re: Dave's Pics of Progress
So you are using reclaimed concrete block? I recently had to demolish the oven stand from my old house after moving (and moving the oven). I wanted to find a better disposal for all the concrete block and concrete rubble than just a landfill and found a sand/gravel dealer that accepts concrete for reuse (they took my whole stand for $15, way cheaper than the landfill and I feel better it will be reused). I was amazed looking at the massive (mostly commercial) pile of rubble they had and the possible uses. There were plenty of pieces that could have been used as part of an oven stand as well as what must have been someone's fireplace bricks that looked low duty. I didn't ask what they charge to cull through that, but the reused concrete market looks like a good source for low cost materials for an oven (plus, with recycling you could bill it as a 'green' oven).

Anyhow, nice work.


asudavew 08-28-2007 07:06 PM

Re: Dave's Pics of Progress
Thanks Mark.

They are pretty ugly now, but a good outer coat and hopefully it will be as pretty as the pizzas I will cook!

Kemo 08-29-2007 07:26 AM

Re: Dave's Pics of Progress

Greetings from Austin! Hook'em!

Nice to see another TEXAS oven. I hope to start mine here in the next month.
Thanks for posting.

asudavew 08-30-2007 01:34 PM

Re: Dave's Pics of Progress
I posted some info on using lava rock as an insulator.

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