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Default Re: Dave's cast refractory oven

excellent idea!

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Default Re: Dave's cast refractory oven

TBM66 -

Regarding your quote:
"...Perhaps I will also cast in a very thin (1/16") section of wood dividing the quadrants into quarters. Once the wood burns out I can seal with morter and have an expansion joint..."

Are you thinking of creating the segments in the floor or in the dome?

Dave -

Outstanding project and I really think you're on to something. I find the prospect of constructing a full-fledged Pompeii oven daunting. I really just want something I can make decent wood-fired pizza in without spending a fortune. Pricing out a self-built Pompeii, I'm easily into $1,500 US and that's a lot to spend on something that will be used intermittently during the six or eight months of the year it's practical to cook outdoors around here. The ready-made FB ovens (excellent as they are) are up to nearly double that with shipping costs. I figure I can reasonably replicate your oven for under $500; maybe well under that.

Please keep us updated on how your oven ages, any structural problems that arise, etc. And thanks for a very creative contribution to the forum.

Mike Leary
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Default Re: Dave's cast refractory oven

Thanks for the kind words Mike. I still love and am in awe of all the amazing brick ovens out there and want to build one someday when I have the space, but if my contribution helps someone else build an oven who would not otherwise have done I'll be very happy.

Funny you should ask for more updates on how it's doing. I took at good look at it yesterday evening, to check again for any more cracks. Previously I'd reported one in the floor, from one side of the entry arch to near the middle. That's not got any bigger. There is another one though that is either new or I'd missed before. It's on the top of the dome, from the middle of the entry arch back maybe 2/3 of the way up towards the top of the dome. Max width maybe 1.5mm or 1/16", at the arch. I don't think it's any kind of problem at the moment - as per previous comments, you could cast the dome in 2 or 4 pieces to start with deliberately and you'd end up with 'pre-existing' cracks like this. I'll continue to keep an eye on it and report back again if anything changes.

I'm very glad of the oven at the moment - we're having major surgery done on our house and have just had the kitchen ripped out, so last night's cooking in the oven (just sausages and roast vegetables) was out of necessity not choice. Still tasted good though!
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Default Re: Dave's cast refractory oven


I would use firebrick for the floor. I would envision using the paper refractory material that dmun suggested to create the expansion joints in the dome.
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Default Re: Dave's cast refractory oven

I see where some of the masonry heater guys use a thin slice of the kaowool blanket where they need expansion joint filler.
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Default Re: Dave's cast refractory oven

An expansion joint can be easily made from a mix of vermiculite, sand ,lime and cement. It is pretty firm and has some (enough) elasticity.
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