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Fat Rucker 10-10-2011 05:17 AM

Commercial oven dimensions
Hi all

Having gleaned a huge amount from this site, I built my own oven a couple of years ago. Now, I'm turning pro... I need to build a new oven for commercial purposes and was wondering what the optimal size would be for producing around 100 pizzas a day? I'm thinking an internal diameter of 1.5m (5 feet should be ample - anyone keen to offer advice?

ggoose 10-10-2011 12:12 PM

Re: Commercial oven dimensions
A restaurant in my neck of the woods has a pizza oven that has been in continuous operation since it opened ~17 years ago...they have an employee keep it going all night and over the holidays. The diameter is 60 inches. It looks to be a refractory pre-cast type. Minimal wear and tear from what I could see. They run it in the mid 500's (degrees F) according to the owner (and the digital temp. guage on the oven). No oven door. Applewood was the owners wood of choice, and he has is stacked in plain sight, almost like a decoration. It was impressive...


Fat Rucker 10-11-2011 06:07 AM

Re: Commercial oven dimensions
Thanks Gene - is that internal diameter? Exactly the dimensions I was considering...

ggoose 10-11-2011 11:17 AM

Re: Commercial oven dimensions
The owner didn't say, but from looking at the oven I would say it was.

ggoose 10-11-2011 11:23 AM

Re: Commercial oven dimensions
Here is a link that has been posted here before. Perhaps it is what you have in mind...

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