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Default Re: Clay flue ?

You should probably plan for a three foot chimney. FB plans call for a 3 foot chimney using 8 inch round stainless pipe. The 10x10 square flue has the same effective cross section as 8 inch round, so the draw won't be the same between 2 feet of 10x10 and 3 feet of 8 inch round. Also, with a flat roof you still have to account for insulation (3 to 5 inches), the roof beams (4 inches), a bit of an air space for ventilation (2 inches) finish material (1 inch minimum), plus a "reveal" at the top of the flue for a spark arrestor if required by local code.

Two feet looks good until you put the roof on, and then it will seem too short. Two feet on my 42" oven clears the flat roof by 16 inches, and that's only because it's sitting on an 18 inch vent transition.

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