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Masako Morishita 08-12-2008 04:22 AM

Casting a cement vent
I'm thinking of casting my own vent, am i wrong in thinking that Portland cement will crack because of the high temperature ,what is the right material
for it ? Is it really worth the trouble or should i just go with regular firebrick
case for the flue????????
Thanks for taking the time in answering this "newbie's" questions!

Ken524 08-12-2008 05:01 AM

Re: Casting a cement vent

The vent will get very hot. I wouldn't mess around with portland cement. There are special refractory casting products specifically made for this. I don't remember the names of the products, but they have been mentioned in several other threads. Try doing a search.

You can always use firebrick. It's really not that hard and probably faster than building the mold, casting and curing.

Good luck! Looking forward to watch your progress.

dmun 08-12-2008 05:09 AM

Re: Casting a cement vent
The main advantage in building a firebrick vent is that it won't take ages to cure. Also, you already have the materials on hand from building your dome.

Masako Morishita 08-12-2008 07:30 AM

Re: Casting a cement vent
Arigato,Ken san!
I believe I will go with the firebrick idea.

Masako Morishita 08-12-2008 07:52 AM

Re: Casting a cement vent
Domo ,Dmun san!
Little by little the advice that I'm getting is giving me
more confidence to go on with this project.
As we say here, Gambatte!!!!! One of the translations being,"Don't Give Up"!!!!
Thanks so much!

Breven 08-12-2008 07:58 AM

Re: Casting a cement vent
Masako...go with the firebrick. There's plenty of examples here and it's not that tough. Many of us have had no experience at all with brick and have managed to pull it off- just following examples here on FB.

Good luck and take lots of pictures!

Ken524 08-12-2008 09:26 AM

Re: Casting a cement vent
Yes, share pictures with us! Do we have any other oven builders from Japan? This might be another first! :)

christo 08-13-2008 07:53 AM

Re: Casting a cement vent
There is at least one other in Japan - I sent the contact info to James (geeze has it been 2 years) a while back and he posted pic of the oven in the oven picture area.

Here's the link to the pic above - for some reason the pic is not showing right now.

It was a home made casted (in pieces) oven fed from the fireplace below - very cool. here's the link

Garden Pizzeria Top Page


mtd2824 08-31-2008 09:26 AM

Re: Casting a cement vent
On page 41 of instructions it tells you how to cast a vent, makes no mention of material except it says (let it set for several days so the "CONCRETE" can cure.

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