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timo 06-29-2009 06:20 AM

Anyone Hear of Super Adamant Mortar?
Super Adamant is a wet mixed mortar in a pail and has this description:

SUPER ADAMANT is a wet ready-mixed high alumina based bonding mortar available in either trowel or dipping consistencies. SUPER ADAMANT has a maximum recommended service temperature of 3000oF. The product has excellent slag resistance, and its low iron content makes it ideal for reducing atmospheres. It has the same smooth working characteristics built into all RESCO mortars and has been used successfully in blast furnaces, hot metal mixers, electric furnace roofs, soaking pits, stopper rods, ladles, and other applications where severe conditions exist.

P.C.E.: Cone 29 (ASTM C-24)
Maximum Service Temperature; 3000oF (1650oC)
Joint MOR:

220oF ( 105oC) 900-1200 psi ( 63- 84 kg/cm2)
2550oF (1400oC) 1500-2000 psi (105-140 kg/cm2)

Chemical Analysis(%):

SiO2 59.6

Al2O3 36.2

TiO2 0.8

Fe2O3 0.4

Other 3.0

Thanks, Timo.

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