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Default Re: Another Texas oven

I like your door, but the vulnerable foil corners/edges will not last in my life. What if I use a 20x20x1.6mm angle iron frame around the foil covered ver/perlcrete "plug" and use that frame and the wooden outside with 4x 6mm bolts right through to make a sandwich of which the angle iron frame and the wood
9handle side) will thus be the contact surfaces on which to lay it down/bump/drop/throw at the baboon protection?
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Default Re: Another Texas oven

I did not think the foil would last long either, so I doubled over the edges and made it easy to replace the outter layer of foil, just have to unscrew the two end wood pieces. But, it has been a year and a half and I haven't replaced it yet. I do have two small tears on both lower corners, but only thru the first layer and not very big or long. It is the very heavy gauge commercial foil, not the thin grocery store kind.

I will be buying some stainless foil for my airplane project and plan to use that when I need to replace the outer layer, it should hold up and wear much better. I wish I would have used it to begin with.

My problem with the angle iron is that it has enough mass to get hot and hold the heat and if I am reading your design right, will transmit that heat to the wood. That is why I used foil, it does not hold heat at all plus it reflects IR reducing the heat that it absorbs.
Wade Lively
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