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mrpbjnance 07-25-2006 02:34 PM

4th course and Angle Iron
I saw a few threads on this but I didn't seem to get a definite answer
Instead of doing the 4th course of bricks with the angle iron can we
just leave the opening of the wood section open (no arch or anything)
and just have the hearth slab span the opening. Will that be strong enough?
Has anyone done this without extra support such as tubing?
Would rebar be ok?

DrakeRemoray 07-26-2006 07:15 AM

When you say 4th course of brick, do you mean 4th course of cinderblock? If you are talking about spanning the wood storage area of the stand, then I did this, you can see it pretty well here:

I poured my walls instead of using cinderblock. Also, I am planning on framing it out so that the entrance to the wood storage is not sooo big.

Hope this helps.


mrpbjnance 07-26-2006 07:35 AM

Thanks Drake,
That is exactly what I was looking for.
Framing it out and possibly putting a door on it is a good idea.

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