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Default Re: Premio2G floor problems

Hello Ksmarkel,

I got your photos and I will be in contact with you shortly.

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Default Re: Premio2G floor problems

I installed my Premio2G a year ago and the two front tiles have large cracks in them. Forno Bravo sent me a replacement tile but removing the old and installing the replacement seems ridiculously difficult and who is to say it won't crack again. I would like to know how many of you out there who bought the Premio2g have the same problem. I think it is a defective product that Forno Bravo should have told us about when we bought the oven.
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Default Re: Premio2G floor problems

FB sent me replacement tiles also - that I still have in my garage. Like you, I thought the task of replacing them was daunting. I decided to keep them in case the problem got worse. The original cracks I saw have gotten marginally longer and larger. I wouldn't minimize their description as hairline - but they do not seem to significantly affect the operation of the oven. If and when they do, I will attempt replacement.

Like you I am disappointed that the floor cracked, if for no other reason it is asthetically detractive.

I expected more, especially after paying as much as we did. The door wasn't available when I picked up the oven, After many delays they sent one. When it arrived, the hole for the thermometer was missing. Instead of replacing it, they sent me a drill bit.
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Default Re: Premio2G floor problems


Thanks for the response. The cracks on my floor are definitely not hairline and are getting worse (wider, longer, more cracks). Just doesn't seem right that this is happening, particularly for the $$ spent. My oven is still serviceable but who knows for how long. Like you, I am putting off replacing the tiles until I have no choice. Let me know if/when you end up doing it.

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