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Default Re: Filling joints in hearth slab?

Hey guys, I will be pouring my suspended slab in a week and I also have a modular oven so found this thread somewhat relevant.
I will need to assemble my modular oven soon but I have some questions:

My modular oven comes in 4 pieces for the dome, cut into quarters. The oven is 2nd hand that has been disassembled so has seen significant use.
The four dome pieces appear to be well cast and have groves to lock into each other.
The previous owners do not appear to have used any cement/mortar on the joins.
I am guessing that using mortar on the joins is not necessary? My only concern is with the dome pieces holding together - given they are in quarters. Though obviously once the insulation and stucco are done that will stop it collapsing.
My other question is that given my oven is 2nd hand, does that mean I do not need to cure it?
I will be laying the modular hearth pieces directly onto my ceramic fibreboard insulation, then assembling the dome pieces and then using insulating blanket to cover the dome before sealing it with stucco and then spraying it with a waterproof membrane after the stucco has completely dried (it's outdoors).
Does this all sound OK?

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