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jersey 03-25-2011 12:09 PM

Dome Questions
Well my build has started. WoW is it exciting. i have a couple of questions as you put on additional levels of bricks, i am trying to match the flat edges of the bricks but there are still some small inside gaps? should i try to fill the inside gaps with morter or just coat the outside to seal it and then apply the fb blanket. and also what is the best way to clean of the morter from the inside of the dome?? thanks again for all the help

james 03-25-2011 03:09 PM

Re: Dome Questions
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Hey Jersey,

If you are using an FB Casa2G or Premio2G, here is a graphic that shows how to apply the mortar to the dome. Basically, you push the interlocking oven pieces together as tightly as they will go. Then make a nice 3" x 3/4" mortar band over the seam on the outside of the oven, pushing the mortar into into the thin seam gap. There is no mortar on the inside of the dome.

You can also find installation graphics and photos in the installation manual.


Neil2 03-26-2011 05:34 PM

Re: Dome Questions
Defiantly fill the inside gaps with mortar. Fill all gaps, don't leave any voids.

If you want, clean up excess mortar "bulging" out the inside as you go before it sets. Once your dome is completed you can also go over the inside knocking loose any mortar tabs. This is not critical - the worst that can happen is that bits of mortar may fall on your pizza.

david s 03-26-2011 05:48 PM

Re: Dome Questions
bits of mortar may fall on your pizza.[/QUOTE]

I think that this is the reason most manufacturers recommend that you shouldn't fill the joins from the inside.

david s 03-26-2011 05:53 PM

Re: Dome Questions
Neil, was the use of the word defiantly deliberate or a spelling error? If it was deliberate, it is in perfect context in the disregard of the recommendations. can just imagine you slapping on that mortar defiantly.

Les 03-26-2011 06:46 PM

Re: Dome Questions

The voids may cause some spalling but that will not happen in a home oven. I am going on three years and there is absolutely no sign of it happening. My wood burning stove ran for 18 years before I decided to changed the brick (only because I had the brick and the saw), and I run that around 6 months a year every day. JMO...

jersey 03-26-2011 06:57 PM

Re: Dome Questions
well everyone thanks for all the replys. great help. but there are still 2 camps to fill or not iam leaning to not filling inside and just filling on the outside and then using the fb blanket to seal it all up. does this sound ok ? thanks

Les 03-26-2011 07:09 PM

Re: Dome Questions
Do you have a picture of the gaps in question?

jersey 03-26-2011 08:36 PM

Re: Dome Questions
not yet but i will post some soon thanks again.

david s 03-27-2011 04:53 AM

Re: Dome Questions
Are we talking here about a modular oven or a brick one?

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