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Anders 08-21-2010 12:11 PM

Casa2G80 - Crack in Inner Arch
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I have done about 40 firings in my Casa2G80, and it has recently developed a crack in the inner arch that leads into the dome.

I have several hairline cracks on the inside, which I know are normal, but this one is thicker than hairline and goes all the way through the arch. In places it is 1mm wide at most. It's 2 inches long on the outside, 3 inches long on the inside (please refer to pictures). The length did grow in the last firing. Should I be concerned about this crack?

I am VERY careful in gradually building my fires. For about 3-5 minutes of the firing process, flames do extend under the arch,(where the crack is) but not high enough to reach opening of chimney. In an hour long firing, this seems inevitible to get the oven temp up to 700+ in such a small oven.
Does this need to be avoided and will it compound this issue?

Thanks for any insight!

amanda 08-23-2010 11:22 AM

Re: Casa2G80 - Crack in Inner Arch
Hi All,
My name is Amanda and I am the tech/post sales support contact here at Forno Bravo. I have answered this post in a private message, however I wanted to address this so everyone can understand the cracking. The pictures show a hairline crack that (while rare) won't be a problem. He can keep using and enjoying his oven.

Thank You,
Amanda Shugart

Cinci-za 11-03-2010 11:24 AM

Re: Casa2G80 - Crack in Inner Arch
Hey Anders,

I have a very similar crack in my Casa 100. I have only done small curing fires (up to 550) after several days. I have not yet gone full heat, but want to in the next couple of days. Did your crack get worse over time?


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