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applor 02-19-2014 02:19 PM

Anyone seen this brand oven before?
Hey guys,

So I have finally identified the make of my WFO that I bought second hand.

It is a Vibrok Caminetti.

Vibrok Caminetti

I believe this is the model:

Anyone seen or heard of these before?

wotavidone 02-19-2014 02:50 PM

Re: Anyone seen this brand oven before?
Made from refrcatory chamotte
Opening 32 cm high, internal dome 50 = 64% opening height.
1 metre across inside, opening 46cm.
Weight 280 kg
Dimensions, mass and materials certainly seem good.

Should be an excellent oven.

applor 02-20-2014 01:40 PM

Re: Anyone seen this brand oven before?
Excellent, good to hear:)
Previous owners hadn't used any cement to hold it together so its come apart cleanly.
There is a large crack in one of the dome quarters though but its holding together.

Previous owners appear to have used some sort of black coloured thick adhesive/glue to help hold the insulation to the dome.

Here is a picture of it sitting under my patio:

imgur: the simple image sharer

cobblerdave 02-22-2014 12:26 AM

Re: Anyone seen this brand oven before?
That's a bit of a find, a secound hand ovens aren't that common.
I have don't know that much on refractory shell ovens like yours so I went to the forno products tab, residential ovens and read the instructions on putting together a Cassa 2G . It's a good read and I recon that you should read it as well.
I took away a number of things that I recon is important.
The floor is set on sandclay mix and the four pieces are not mortared together.
Nor is the dome mortared to the insulation or the floor.
The dome pieces are notched like you described in a previous post, and there is no mortar used in these joints as well.
They do however supply heat cement to cover over the joints on the outside of these connections on the dome.
I don't think that would be right with yours as its made of terra-cotta , fired clay.
Correct me if I am wrong ? Using cement products on terra-cotta could lead to cracking of the teracotta... Same as using cement based to point terra-cotta roof tiles , they just crack. It must be lime rich and soft.
So leave it the same as the previous owner did ? Or if you were to cover over the outside of the joints use sand clay, or lime sand?
Someone might have an opinion on this? My gut feeling is not to use anything.
With that glue used for the blanket, that's wrong. I'd be scraping that stuff off quick smart. Ceramic blanket is stiff and you'll find once pushed into position it stays there and doesn't flop down. Covered with some chicken wire and render its not going nowhere.
Keep those pics coming , hope something here helps
Regards dave

applor 02-24-2014 06:09 PM

Re: Anyone seen this brand oven before?
Yeah I don't plan to use any cement at all on the oven.
I plan to assemble it straight onto my 65mm calsil board and then insulating blanket secured with mesh and then a pericrete dome, sealed with a waterproof coloured membrane/paint.
My current problems are how to do the front. It currently has a pattern on the front entry and don't really want to have to brick over that.
However being outside I hear the entry should be sloped which I won't be able to do with the front landing, which means I'd need to extend the entry and then brick out further or something.
Also wondering, should I insulate all the way to the front entry and around the flue? How do you seal around the flue whilst allowing expansion for the steel?

As for current progress, The brickwork was done Sunday and I poured the concrete hearth yesterday:D
I think I will probably start a new thread for my build and upload some photos.

I really appreciate the advice and resources on this forum! Thanks

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