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wakamole 06-28-2010 02:49 AM

Any Aussies try the Bunnings one?
Hello all, just beginning the quest...

Here in Perth stuff costs a mint as you may know.

I'm only moderately handy with brick-and-mortar and, to be frank, I'm tight with cash! I may take the plunge and build from scratch but I may buy a kit.

I will put it on a pneumatically wheeled or soft rubber wheel base.

I'm looking for an alfresco feature for pizza, warming the patio a bit with the door open, and general nice ambiance.

The Mediterranean one at Bunnings looks the part but, as a virgin, it's hard to tell...any thoughts?

robs 06-28-2010 09:16 AM

Re: Any Aussies try the Bunnings one?
I got one of those but bought it from the Mediteranean mob instead of Bunnings as they were much more helpfull. Check out the website Wood Fired Ovens, Wood Fire Pizza Ovens, Outdoor DIY Pizza Ovens Australia - Mediterranean Woodfired Ovens it has their locations where you can see and talk about them.
I am pretty happy with mine but have never used any other wood fired oven, if you want to cook other things beside pizza you might want a bigger one with larger doorway.

scottz 06-28-2010 04:53 PM

Re: Any Aussies try the Bunnings one?
Have seen the one at bunnings and it is a med oven. I researched ovens for about 10 months before we bought ours. We went for the guys at Woodfired Pizza Ovens | Alfresco - Home the kits are great to put together and after sale help and advise is really good. I think they are a fair bit cheaper too....we use our oven all the time and have had no problems with it. Check out their web site.


BackyardPermaculture 06-28-2010 08:23 PM

Re: Any Aussies try the Bunnings one?

If you're on a tight budget, consider the clay option. This guy in Sydney did a good one on wheels that sounds like what you're after:
Portable Pizza Oven

I built mine as a more fixed structure on the deck for about $500, including a tall insulated chimney. Couldn't be happier with it so far.

Cheers, Mick.

wakamole 07-02-2010 09:48 PM

Re: Any Aussies try the Bunnings one?
Thanks for the replies, all
I think the cob option may be a go! I like the look of yours permaculture - nice work!
I was thinking a steel frame with a better homes and gardens style oven on top...

BackyardPermaculture 07-03-2010 04:59 PM

Re: Any Aussies try the Bunnings one?
Hi wakamole,

Go for it! Just remember a few things with the clay oven:
- The Better Homes and Gardens oven has the chimney behind the door, which is not useful for baking. By adding the entrance tunnel you can locate the chimney forward of the door.
- Clay ovens should not be sealed. Moisture needs to move through them, so the options are either an appropriate render that will need covering with a tarp or will not last, a fibro enclosure (the choice I took), or a pergola over the top (and appropriate flue structure to pass through it).

Steel frame sounds great - let us know how it goes.

Also, I'm gradually documenting mine more specifically at my blog.


wakamole 07-03-2010 09:00 PM

Re: Any Aussies try the Bunnings one?
Thanks Mick
That one of yours should be on wheels too! Ha ha.
More thinking and your advice and that of others has led me to a slightly different plan. I'm going to recycle my pergola I tore down last summer.

Build a box frame from old jarrah 150mm x 30mm beams. 90 x 90 jarrah posts for legs - two shorter with wheels and two longer so it moves like a VERY HEAVY wheelbarrow - I'm only moving it around my house.

Inside the 150mm deep box frame I'll put some hardiplank or similar and fill with either hebel blocks or vermicrete level to the frame.

Build the oven on top.

I was going to either do as you suggest and have the door behind or a "choke" on the flu.

One thing I thought was to do the vermicrete igloo which, I hoped, I could weatherproof? I prefer the idea of leaving it out in the open and I like the igloo look - I wonder if there is a way to seal it a bit? But it needs to breathe...hmmm

I think this thread has diverted itself from the original - I might re-post in the clay oven section!

Thanks for your help


BackyardPermaculture 07-04-2010 03:19 AM

Re: Any Aussies try the Bunnings one?

No, the vermicrete is not waterproof and the problem with any insulation that can absorb water is it ceases to insulate, and instead steam conducts heat through it.

Really, the igloo needs some sort of cover if the dome is clay.


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