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Default Re: 36" vs. 42"

Originally Posted by ThermoJax View Post
I built a 42, and in retrospect, I am glad I did. Remember, there is more than pizza to cook in there. I have done a whole hog (it barely fit thru the arch, but otherwise the 42 was great)
I started out building a 42", but kept adding here and there to the deminsions. Ended up laying out for a 44". I am in the process of cutting the brick for a 20"-W X 18"-H arch. What size hog did you cook? Also, what size arch do you have for the 42? A whole "hawg", 100 to 125 lb range is what I am aiming for in my oven.
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Default Re: 36" vs. 42"

Remember, for optimum inner arch size, you will always have trouble with a whole hog. Those darn legs have a hard time going thru the inner arch, and that is not worth giving up a smaller, more efficient arch for one easier for the occasional pig. Remember, I do recommend full chickens, with sliced potatoes and onions, dry rub included. This is too easily reproducible, whereas for me, the perfect pizza is a tough taskmaster. My hog was 32 lbs. I alum foiled the face and legs, but do to time pressure for the party, accidently ran the temp up to 800. With little time to go, I put him in, and the movement, checking him, tore the foil. The up and up, is that he looked burnt, but ALL the meat was great. ( by the way, he was brined for 12-14 hours in a cooler before, so that left me with more wiggle room than normal)

Would anyone say that a 32lb pig is a suckling pig, or a pig proper? I would like to think I did more than a suckling pig !

GO big, or go home. (said with humor)

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Default Re: 36" vs. 42"

Thanks ThermoJax

I did some more studying and cut my arch form down to 12.5" high . I guess it will be whole "pig" for me too.
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