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waynebergman 09-30-2007 09:39 PM

what is the type of maple considered hard maple?
what is the name of the maple tree considered hard maple? I have read that soft maple is not even going to burn as hot as douglas fir. I am shopping now for firewood and if I go to the trouble of getting maple I understand hard maple is what I want, but what is hard maple. Hard Maple will burn twenty percent or so hotter than soft but I need to know the proper name of the maple tree if want to make sure I am getting the right stuff. I live in British Columbia Canada I am not even sure if we have hard maple here.
I also have access to a little bit of arbutus. ...wayne

sarah h 10-02-2007 06:34 PM

Re: what is the type of maple considered hard maple?
Here are the common North American maples, both hard and soft.
The Latin name is first, followed by its most common name, then a list of other names that are sometimes heard.
Hope this helps.

Hard Maples
Acer barbatum - Florida maple: hammock maple, southern sugar maple, sugar maple
Acer circinatum - vine maple: mountain maple
Acer grandidentatum - canyon maple: bigtooth maple, hard maple, large-toothed maple, sugar maple, ultravioletalde bigtooth maple, western sugar maple
Acer leucoderme - chalk maple: palebark maple, sugar maple, whitebark maple
Acer macrophyllum - bigleaf maple: big-leaf, broadleaf maple, broadleaved maple, bugleaf maple, Californian maple, Oregon maple, pacific maple, white maple
Acer negundo - boxelder: ash maple, ashleaf maple, black ash, boxelder maple, California boxelder, cut-leaved maple, inland boxelder, manitoba maple, negundo maple, red river maple, stinking ash, sugar ash, three-leaved maple, western boxelder
Acer nigrum - black maple: black sugar maple, hard maple, rock maple, sugar maple, white maple
Acer pennsylvaticum - striped maple: buckwood, goose-foot maple, moosewood, mountain alder, northern maple, Pennsylvanian maple, striped dogwood, whistlewood
Acer saccharum - sugar maple: bird's-eye maple, black maple, curly maple, hard maple, rock maple, rough maple, sugar-tree, sweet maple, thumb-nail maple
Acer spicatum - mountain maple: goose-foot maple, low maple, moose maple, mountain maple-bush, spiked maple, water maple

Soft Maples
Acer glabrum - rocky mountain maple: bark maple, California mountain maple, Douglas maple, dwarf maple, mountain maple, New Mexico maple, shrubby maple, sierra maple, soft maple
Acer rubrum - red maple: Carolina red maple, drummond maple, drummond red maple, Oregon maple, scarlet maple, shoe-peg maple, silver maple, soft maple, southern soft maple, swamp maple, three-pointed-leaf maple, three-toothed red maple, water maple, white maple
Acer saccharinum - silver maple: creek maple, papascowood, river maple, silverleaf maple, soft maple, swamp maple, water maple, white maple

waynebergman 10-02-2007 07:00 PM

Re: what is the type of maple considered hard maple?
Thanks muchly Sarah. Now I can go shopping for my firewood.....wayne

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