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spt 10-06-2009 12:28 PM

Hi all

I am ordering the vermiculite for the insulation today and have been informed it comes in three grades. Fine 1 mm, medium 3-4 mm and coarse 8 mm. Which grade is best to use? Will the 8 mm be too coarse and not set well with the cement? Could both medium and coarse be used? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Les 10-06-2009 12:37 PM

Re: Vermiculte

Two bags that I bought were the 3-4 mm. I needed one more and bought the same bag at a different store and it was 1mm. The 1mm is like sawdust, I would avoid that. I think the 3-4 is your best bet.


Breven 10-06-2009 03:18 PM

Re: Vermiculte
I agree with Les, always do. Medium seems to work best for everyone. Coarse might not hurt, but avoid the fine grain.

RTflorida 10-06-2009 04:25 PM

Re: Vermiculte fine stuff, 1/2 of it will blow away when mixing. It also will be less efficient, creating smaller air pockets in the insulating layer.


ThisOldGarageNJ 10-06-2009 06:04 PM

Re: Vermiculte
I used the medium as well and my oven holds heat VERY well



spt 10-07-2009 02:26 PM

Re: Vermiculte
Thanks for the replies. I've decided to go for the medium coarse.



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