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Default Re: Thermocouple

Been dormant from the blogs but have been cooking awhile... I didn't add any thermo couples. My mother in law did buy the infared thermometer.

When the dome goes white it's hot enough to cook the pizzas - you really don't need anything fancy.

That said they might be useful if you plan to do a lot of baking or "oven" type cooking but you could still get buy with a thermometer or the old 1 Mississippi trick...

Good luck
Dick B
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Default Re: Thermocouple

To follow up on my original posts. I ended up using an Omega XCIB-K-1-6-3 and a -10 (a 3 ft and 10 ft). The 3 ft was a bit short for the floor. The 10 ft was about right for the dome. The "6" is a mini male terminator which plugs directly into the front of a $30 Sears multimeter.

Everything is working fine. The mason didn't leave me much slack so I had to buy a coiled extension (also from Omega) but that works fine.

In my application the thermocouples are best for measuring the stored temp. Quite a difference between the thermocouples and the infrared surface as things are heating up but they tend to converge as the fire dies out and you're dealing with stored temp.
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Default Re: Thermocouple

One final follow-up. After using the oven for some months I have to say that I rarely consult the thermocouples. I may use them to graph out the performance over time just to validate my ad-hoc impressions but I end up using the infrared once a week or so but mostly I go by experience.
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Default Re: Thermocouple

Omega now has a pen sized data logger with USB output and PC software to track the thermocouple temps over time. Looks like my thermocouples will plug right in.

Thermocouple Data Logger with LCD Display and USB Interface
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