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gonzalofv 02-09-2014 07:19 AM

Tandoor oven help
Hi I am try to build a tandoor oven wit a pot clay but so far I got 2 broken pots and no oven , each cost me over 20 so no good
I not sure if I need to do something different or te pot was wet ... No sure
I fallow the instruction of one fellow and he just fire it with wood ... No problem but when I did with me it just pop In few cracks and affect few seconds it was really broken
Now my question is anyone has been done the oven with good results
Do I need a special care when fire it ???
Was my pot just a dry clay not cooked clay ???
Or ............?.??
Any help will be appreciated
gonzalo ( Fom UK)

david s 02-09-2014 12:36 PM

Re: Tandoor oven help
You don't say how you built it or provide any photos, but my guess is that you did not insulate the clay pot. If you start firing an uninsulated pot then the inside gets really hot and wants to expand while the outside remains cool. This creates stress on the clay walls and cracking is the result. If you did insulate the clay pot then the cracking is caused because the clay has poor thermal shock characteristics. The clay pot was not designed for this purpose, try another type. Is the pot glazed or unglazed? Unglazed would be my preference.

gonzalofv 02-09-2014 04:01 PM

Re: Tandoor oven help
Hi David yes I did insulated it with vermiculite and yes it was unglazed
I dit several pizza oven in the pass with a great result but I wanted to do as I seen on Jamey Oliver TV program
I took a metal been put about 5 cm of Sand and them a fire brick as base, them I Chopin half a few firebrick to put around the base wall so the pot seat on top and the vermiculite in between the pot and the can

gonzalofv 02-09-2014 04:09 PM

Re: Tandoor oven help
Havea look here

Gulf 02-09-2014 04:20 PM

Re: Tandoor oven help
I haven't attempted a "tandoor", but this type oven keeps popping up on several sites that I frequent. They are interesting. I'm just wondering if the intire interior could be built out of fire brick. Say, maybe 2" thick plus insulation and a face brick or adobe rendor outside :).

gonzalofv 02-09-2014 04:57 PM

Re: Tandoor oven help
Hi yes is possible and probably. More efficient bu also really heavy
My idea was o made a portable oven bu wih he interior made from firebricks will be really heavy

Gulf 02-09-2014 05:07 PM

Re: Tandoor oven help
I did not catch the portable part :o.

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