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Yahoo-Archive 03-21-2005 04:21 AM

Scotch Oven story
Here is a piece I found on the wall of an old Scotch oven in Forres Scotland (just across the Morray Firth form Cromarty where I build a small oven earlier this year) some interesting big roasting;

Davie Allen
1925 – 1998

Foreman baker here from 1956 until his retirement in 1990.

Davie remembered enjoying working with the following people during his time here: -

Melville Clark Betty Rodgers
Andy Cowie Davie Nicol (Crockett)
Sandy Chisholm Graham Esson (Sid)
David Allan Jnr Angus Barclay
Ella Fortheringham Martin Farish
Margaret Aitchison Stuart Shaw

Scotch Oven Tearoom

- A brief history -

James Asher bought this bakery in 1978 from the Forrests who had been here since 1919. The bakery itself remained fully operational until Davie Allan’s retirement in 1990 after witch the front shop was supplied from the Nairn bakehouse.

The old scotch oven, of witch there are very few in use today, is still in working condition. The oven is over 100 years old but was reroofed around 1940. It used to be fired by coke but has been oil fired since 1962. In addition to its normal use it has cooked whole sheep for church functions and would do over 20 turkeys for customers at Christmas time.

The flue to the left of the oven needed regular cleaning and actually extends the full length of the oven to the store behind it. The flour was stored above the bakery and was taken up by hoist.

The windows were originally in Applegrove School and were installed by Forbes the carpenter.

There used to be a wooden sink and when the cement floor needed painting that was done with a sweeping brush!

Having lain empty for a few years, the tea room conversion took place in 1997, one hundred and twenty years after Ashers Bakery was established. With the old scotch oven as the focal point, it was naturally called the Scotch Oven Tearoom.


Alf 04-08-2005 09:31 AM

Hi Folks,

I know this group isn't hear as a sales directory, however, this is
just to interesting not to post

Adrian and I have been in email correspondence for some time now with
me advising him on "what to do with a Scotch oven" and how they were
built. He sent me this press release the other day so I thought I
would post it just in case any one from Aus or anywhere else was
interested in working in a real old bakery and with a real scotch
oven. Adrian's email is at the bottom of the page.



A remarkable opportunity has come to light for a budding food
industry entrepreneur, or a baker-artisan with vision and drive.

Over the past year a large 19th century building known as the Old
Bakery, in Trentham, near Daylesford, has been lovingly restored and
refurbished, and now owner Adrian Kosky is on the hunt for someone
with a bright idea to bring it alive.

The building features an enormous fully functional wood-fired Scotch
bread oven, made by Melbourne engineering company Small & Shattell.
With a surface area of almost 16 square metres, it is thought to be
the largest of its type still in working order. The Old Bakery also
contains a commercial kitchen, servery, large seating area and
courtyard. There is also a smaller building adjacent, which could be
used as a shop front or onsite residence. The grounds are enclosed by
newly constructed feature walls, which have already become
something of a tourist attraction in the Central Highlands town. A
vacant block next door, also owned by Mr Kosky, provides secure space
for possible expansion.

"The Bakery would be ideal for a food retail or wholesale
enterprise," said Mr Kosky. "It would also suit a wine or other
alcohol business, or make a fantastic studio-showroom.
The bread oven is massive, but it doesn't necessarily have to be
used – it could just be a stunning visual feature."

Mr Kosky said he was keen to enter into a leasehold agreement with
the right applicant. He is prepared to put his money where his mouth
is, assisting with financing and fit-out if necessary. He is also
prepared, further down the track, to sell the freehold to the
successful operator.

"This is a brilliant building, and I think it needs someone with a
dream to make it work," he said. "This person might be young or old,
but they must have vision and drive. I'm happy to assist the right
person in direct, practical ways if needed. I'm very keen to discover
who's out there."

Trentham is a short distance from Daylesford, and right in the heart
of the burgeoning produce, restaurant and wine-growing region of
Central Victoria.

Mr Kosky said expressions of interest should be sent to as soon as possible.
Further info: Adrian Kosky 03 5348 1885

divewombat 01-31-2012 04:44 AM

Re: Scotch Oven story
Hi All

Just come across this old posting and thought I would add my two cents worth to it.

This bakery in trentham has been up and running for the past few years making sensational organic bread and pastries. For anyone interested they are called redbeards bakery and have a great website.

They offer anyone who comes in the door the chance to have a look at the oven and its a must see for oven lovers. Its my treat when Ive been good, to buy myself a loaf of organic sourdough baked in a 135 year old wood fired scotch oven.


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