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bill721ep 06-26-2011 07:08 AM

portable wood stand with pneumatic tires
Im looking hard at the GIARDINO 70 OVEN. I would like to build a stand( 4 ft x 4 ft) out of 6x6's for the 4 corners and maybe 2x6's or 2'8's for the sides and pneumatic tires to I can tow it with a golf cart from my house to the clubhouse at the community where I live(about 1/4 mile). I plan on using maybe 1" plywood for the top and 2 0r 3 inches of concrete on top of that(not sure if im going to use plywood or this corrugated metal that you pour concrete on top of) Im planning on using pressure treated lumber . Im concerned about wood warping. Im concerned about the concrete and the oven itself cracking when I move it. Im also thinking of using metal studs and concrete backer board and maybe stucco or tile to finish it off.All this stuff is in my head now and im waking up in the middle of the nite thinking about it. Im open to all ideas and criticisims. I would like to do this table out of steel using the kind of steel they use for pallet shelving and I would if I could get a deal on that stuff but its tough to find some used. thanks for any help you can give me thanks Billy-za-pizza

david s 06-26-2011 01:16 PM

Re: portable wood stand with pneumatic tires
I think you might need a tractor rather than a golf cart to pull that thing. A steel stand would be way better than a wood one. Wood tends to move and can therefore damage your refractory oven.

bill721ep 06-27-2011 06:24 AM

Re: portable wood stand with pneumatic tires
I've seen other stands made out of wood and they have small casters,I'm talking 8 to 10 in wheels and tires. I have a 4seater golf cart and I've hauled some big xtra cheese pizza eating boys around in that.I'm not concerned with towing it as much as I am with having cracks in the oven because I towed it. If I can't make it portable enough to take it to the clubhouse I can't do it at all because I don't want 50 people at my place once or twice a week,my wife will shoot me. Thanks. Bill

david s 06-27-2011 12:05 PM

Re: portable wood stand with pneumatic tires
OK, go for it then, she'll probably find another reson to shoot you anyway.

bill721ep 06-27-2011 01:01 PM

Re: portable wood stand with pneumatic tires
Hi Dave S. hopefully some others will chime in on this and if anyone has done this before maybe they could give me some tips. The other way I can get shot is to plunk down 2 to 3 grand(us money) for everything and it dont workout to good, whoa,baby it could mean the firing squad,even worse than that ,the next time SHE wants something --how am I goin to say NO without getting shot. I guess no matter how you figure it out,---Im a dead man. THANKYOU--THANKYOUVERYMUCH Billyzapizza

david s 06-27-2011 01:22 PM

Re: portable wood stand with pneumatic tires
Spend the money. The way your US dollar is travelling you won't be able to buy much with 2 or 3 grand this time next year anyway. That way you get to spend it and get shot.

bill721ep 06-27-2011 04:48 PM

Re: portable wood stand with pneumatic tires
We just came back from Europe and iI couldnt beleive how expensive it is over there. In sicily we got 2 beers and 1 pizza 24.00 euros thats 36.00 us a can of coke in Barcelona Spain Airport 3.25 euro like 5.bucks us and those people dont make that kind of money. The pizza in Palermo Sicily and in sorento Italy wasnt that impressive. I really liked the tomatoes but the Dough was soggy and the cheese wasnt all that great. I really got the hots for my own wood burning oven . I bought an electric oven about 5 years ago and it works wonderful. This oven goes to 700 degrees and cooks a 12 in pie in about 8 minutes.. The oven is made by SODIR and I bought it from instawares ,you can find it on the internet.It aint a wood burner but its the next best thing... I wont be happy until I have my own wood oven. Like I always say WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO DO OR SAY YOU BETTER DO IT BEFORE YOU HOP IN THE BOX---- BECAUSE ONCE YOU'RE IN THE BOX ITS TOO LATE. I m going to pull that trigger real soon, I dont want to be in that box saying to myself, "I shoulda got that brick oven. take care Billyzapizza

david s 06-27-2011 05:14 PM

Re: portable wood stand with pneumatic tires
There is a huge diffence in prices, especially in Italy. I was buying half a litre of generic beer at the local shop in Italy for .38 EU yet got totally ripped off in Paris for a glass of house red at 15 EU There's always someone ready to take you down.

brickie in oz 06-28-2011 01:01 AM

Re: portable wood stand with pneumatic tires
Just get pizza delivered, it will be cheaper and less hassle?
Where are you going to source the firewood at the club house?

This is a wind up isnt it? Nice one. :cool:

Whats your wifes number, Ill get her to shoot you and save us all some trouble. :rolleyes: :D :D

bill721ep 06-28-2011 01:14 AM

Re: portable wood stand with pneumatic tires
hey brickie im looking for positive suggestions you can save the sarcasm . by the way I can get all apple wood and oak i could ever use for free. I just ordered the giardino 70 from a dealer at a huge discount,he made me an offer I couldnt refuse. theres an old saying its not the money--its not the money---ITS ALWAYS THE MONEY. billyzapizza

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